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Lose Weight For New Years Eve

8/19 9:46:15

The biggest party day of the year is fast approaching and you want to lose weight to fit in that little black dress or that tailored suit so the time to get started is right now.  Throughout this article I will go through a couple of ideas that your weight loss diet plan needs to have in order for your diet to be successful and to have a great time on New Years Eve.

1. Take A Long Hard Look At Your Diet - It is a time for a reality check and due to lack of time we need to make some drastic changes to your diet today in order to pull off the New Years Eve makeover.  Let's look at the obvious areas such as your daily snacking routine.  What difference would it make if you switched all of your unhealthy snacks for something a little bit more calorie friendly such as taking out pop and putting water in its place and getting rid of that bag of chips and substituting it with a nice place of fresh vegetables.  With small changes as the ones just listed you could be looking at a ten pound weight loss by the end of the month

2. Exercise - I hate to break it to you but exercise is very important and right now we need it more than ever.  However spending ten hours on the treadmill is not going to do it and what you need is what the fitness gurus call high intensity training.  To put it simply you find a high intensity exercise that you like and do it full blast for a minute than spend a minute doing a lighter exercise than repeat.  Do this routine eight times for a fully effective workout that only takes sixteen minutes, not including warm up and cooling down periods.  One of my new favorite high intensity exercise is actually the Nintendo Wii Boxing game as not only is it fun to due it kicks my butt at the same time.

As you can tell this new diet plan and exercise program is not rocket science but it is incredibly effective especially when you want to loose weight in a hurry.  If you are interested in other ways to lose weight and get rid of fat I would suggest taking a look at the best selling Truth About Six Pack Abs which contains a number of ways for a highly effective weight loss program.

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