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How Can I Lose Weight Safely?

8/19 9:46:10

There aren't many of us who haven't decided at some time or other that we need to drop a few pounds.

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Or maybe it's a LOT of pounds.

No matter, we usually first think of doing it ourselves...cutting back on meal portions, skipping ice cream, chocolate - or alcohol - and so we embark on a diet.

Speaking from personal experience, the resolve usually lasts a week to 10 days before we're out with friends and we cave in to the temptation to have some home-style fries at the restaurant, or we trade up to a glass of wine or a long, cold beer from simple orange juice because - heck - everyone else is having such a good time and they're all drinking.

Pretty soon, we're back to our old eating habits and the excess pounds stay on. They may even get some extra company...

Don't beat yourself up - millions of people just like you have walked the same road in the name of losing weight fast.

It's after several frustrating experiences like this - or a moment of brutal self-realization when we don't recognize the blob staring back at us in the bathroom mirror - that we decide to get really serious and purchase a professional weight loss product.

There are thousands of them easily available on the Internet, everything from so-called liquid crash diets" involving internal body cleansing to the fast weight loss of calorie-restricted diets.

It can be a bewildering experience deciding on whic is the right diet.

More than anything, though, you need to know how to safely lose weight.

Your health is precious - don't screw up your metabolism by going on some weird fruit juice diet and eliminating all protein for a week. There's no need for extremes here.

In fact, here's a few simple tips to guide you.

1) Consult your doctor or health provider before embarking on a diet. Yeah, your physician might have already dropped a few hints about losing weight at your annual physical, but let him or her know if you're embarking on a structured program - particularly if you have existing health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and so on.

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2) Be realistic about your weight-loss goals. If it's taken you 10 years to pile on 50 unwanted pounds it's NOT going to melt away in a week. Or a month. Permanent weight loss is usually achieved at a moderate pace. Yes, if you flatten the scales at 300 pounds plus you might see some dramatic fast early weight loss. But that pace won't last. Be prepared for a long program in which 1-3 pounds a week is lost.

3) Beware extreme diet solutions. A diet or exercise program should include balanced eating from all the food groups. Your body will go into defense mode if it's denied proper nourishment - and will simply store more fat.

4) Exercise must be a part of any diet. It will help burn off accumulated weight, reduce your blood pressure, tune your metabolism for top performance and make you feel better. If you hate the idea of jogging or have physical limitations, walking is fine. So is swimming or doing simple exercises in a pool where the water will support your joints.

5) Always make sure you read the fine print about refunds. If a diet isn't working for you, ask for your money back before the time-limit guarantee expires. Conversely, if you find a great diet product that really does the job, let the author know! Endorsements from happy clients help other would-be dieters when they're trying to find a diet that will work for them.

Lose weight - but lose weight safely.

Good Luck!

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