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Setting Diet Goals

8/19 9:46:08

Before you begin any sort of diet it is a great idea to have a certain goal in mind.  The goal could be that you want to lose X amount of pounds by a certain day or it could be that you want to fit in those old jeans that have been hiding in the back of your closet.  Once you have your main diet goal established you need to break it down into three separate areas to make this goal achievable.  Though out this article I will go through the three main areas of goal setting

Realistic - Your final diet goal needs to be realistic.  Losing twenty pounds in twenty days may sound good on the cover of some supermarket magazine but it is not based in reality.  Lets say you wanted to lose twenty pounds in the next ten weeks so your mini goal would be to lose two pounds per week which makes sense on all sorts of levels and most of all this is achievable .  Losing twenty pounds in ten weeks sounds like a major feat but losing two pounds a week feels completely achievable.

Reasonable - Now to accomplish your goal of losing two pounds per week you are going to dedicate one hour three times a week to go to the gym which sounds great on paper but does this fit into your lifestyle.  Do you have the three hours a week to go to the gym.  Would something like dedicating twenty minutes per day to exercise make more sense in the long term?  Instead of going to the gym which requires time going back and forth, waiting for the machines and everything else a gym membership entails how about doing twenty minutes of high impact aerobics or creating a simple core workout routine which requires an exercise ball and a mat.  There is not point in putting three hours of gym exercise into your plan if it is not a reasonable idea.

Flexibility - It sounds great that you have this concrete plan to achieve your diet goals but there needs to be some flexibility in order to be able to actually follow through.  Give yourself a treat every X amount of days and allow for certain lifestyle moments such as the kids want to go eat at the fast food restaurant so by giving yourself this treat you will have a plan B for these certain situations with a reaction to such.  Maybe a trip to the restaurant for lunch means just a vegtable platter for dinner or it could mean an extra workout that needs to be done that week.

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