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Body Fat Loss

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With the wealth of information out there, shedding those few extra pounds can seem complicated and scientific. However, this is far from the truth. There are actually some simple ways to start the process of reducing one's weight.

Body Fat Loss

Presented here are the top ten ways to lose weight fast, a list compiled from some of the best information in the weight loss industry.

10. Cut out the fast food! Reducing your fast food intake will seriously boost weight loss. It's obvious but fast food is one of the biggest obstacles in achieving quick weight loss.

9. Get involved in a competitive sport. It can be anything from tennis to basketball to softball but it makes cardio activity easy and fun.

8. Eating organic food over packaged and processed food with a shelf life has been shown to help lower and keep off weight. Try not to eat anything that doesn't go bad within 2 weeks.

7. Surprisingly, number seven of the top ten ways to lose weight fast is simple: STOP DRINKING POP. Have you ever looked at the nutritional facts on pop? Loaded with sugar and carbonation, this is a no-no for someone looking to lose weight.

6. Eating smaller meals, more often will increase your metabolism and help burn off excess body weight.

5. At number five on the list of top ten ways to lose weight fast, is one of the hardest to implement: Reduce alcohol consumption to two drinks a week. Alcohol slows down the metabolism which is not good for losing weight. Enough said.

4. Eating protein, and making it a cornerstone of your diet, is key to losing weight and losing it quickly. It is essential in speeding up your metabolism.

3. Lifting weights is by far one of the most important of the top ten ways to lose weight fast because of it's fat burning value. After lifting weights, your body is like runs like a furnace to repair itself and it uses your fat as fuel.

2. Almost as important as number one on the top ten ways to lose weight fast is making a detailed battle plan that you will stick to every day. This means creating some sort of weekly plan that measures and keeps goals. It is what separates success from failure.

1. Consistently working out and getting off of your couch. Summed up in one phrase it means having an active lifestyle over a sedentary lifestyle. Having an active life increases life expectancy and quality of life so why not do it?

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