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Diet To Go Reviews - Review of DietToGo

8/19 9:45:17

Diet to go is an online food delivery service which will provide you with the right diet to lose weight or stay healthy. It makes use of fresh ingredients to cook the meals which will aid you to lose weight.

Diet to go offers you with four different types of menu plan to aid you shed excess fat or keeping a healthy weight. Each of these plans can be customized to suit your personal diet requirements. These four menu plans are:

Low fat traditional diet meal plan Low fat vegetarian meal plan Low carb diet meal plan Diabetic diet meal plan

Furthermore on this review, when you enroll for any of these diet meal plans, you will be provided with a 5-week menu of freshly cooked food which tastes good with no inclusion of additives. Every meal is cooked daily, so you will be sure of getting fresh meals every new day. These meals are cooked by professional chefs and it is inline with the requirements of most health organizations for a healthy diet needed to lose weight or maintain healthy weight. You will be sent the meals for breakfast, lunch and dinners. Rolls, sides, fruits are also included together with other diet essentials like ketchup, fruit preserves, low-cat cream, cheese, mustard and low-fat mayo.

In addition to the review, DiettoGo offers two forms of meal delivery. There is the local meal pickup and mail order. You can either choose to pick the meals up at their offices in SF, Baltimore, Philadelphia or Virgin or you can choose the mail order option so that your meals will be delivered to you anyplace you want in USA.

There is an option to interchange a meal in the menu plan with another one of your choice, if you want.

Comparison with other Diet Delivery Service

DiettoGo beats other diet delivery service like Ediets, Bistro Md and Nutrisystem in terms of many factors. They are:

1. Unlike other diet meal delivery service, it is among the few meal delivery service that offers the choice of meal plans which others don’t provide.

2. Unlike other diet meal delivery service, you can customize the foods that will be sent to you to remove your dislikes and allergies and also add your favorites.

3. Diet to Go provides a meal that is fresh and non-frozen local delivery. Their foods are cooked in a high-quality controlled facility, and nothing is outsourced.


It is priced lower when compared with other diet delivery services both in the average cost per day and average shipping cost. It is one of the cheapest diet delivery service that offers the best quality meals.


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