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Free Weight Loss Tips: 7 Really Bad Ways to Lose Weight

8/19 9:45:16

Some people are on a never-ending quest to find quick ways to lose weight. Many people jump from one method to another trying to find that magic bullet cure to dropping pounds the easiest and fastest way possible. The things they are willing to put their bodies through, while trying to achieve this goal, goes from mildly amusing to down right scary.

Maybe you’ve tried some of these methods yourself. Heaven knows there’s no shortage of advertisements, websites and product manufacturers encouraging you to try the latest, greatest fat loss miracle. Companies, and some individuals, make millions of dollars promoting these schemes to the unwary. The truth is, it would be a miracle if anyone was able to lose weight and keep it off permanently without either, wasting their money, or risking their health with these products and schemes.

Here’s a list of the worst ways you can choose to lose weight.

Starvation – This seems like one of the simplest ways to get weight to come off. I mean, not eating means you’re not ingesting any calories or fat, right? True. It also means that you’re literally starving your body of much needed nutrients it needs in order to function properly.

Most people who try to go the starvation route quickly find out that it’s hard to maintain for more than a few days. Not eating enough can lead to mental fogginess, feeling cranky and moody, and loss of energy. Who can get everything they need to do in the day done when they feel like this?

Plus, the worst part is that by denying your body the calories it needs, it will actually slow down your metabolism. You know what that means, right? Your body will not be able to burn fat efficiently. Instead, it will hold onto every single calorie you put into your body. Know why?

Because you’re starving it!

Our bodies are smarter than we think. They’re like machines. When your body gets less fuel than it’s used to, it knows enough to slow everything down and reserve its resources. When you finally

do get hungry and pig out, those calories will go straight to fat storage. Guess what? You may actually cause yourself to gain more weight by starving yourself.

Fad Diets – There’s an endless array of fad diets that instruct you to eat all kinds of things. Usually you have to eat the same food items, again and again, anywhere from 7

days to a whole month. For those who do manage to make it through a fad diet, their joy of dropping some water weight will be short lived.

Again, you can’t really lose enough weight and keep it off permanently by drinking lemonade, eating cabbage soup, diet cookies, ice cream, chocolate, popcorn, etc. While most fad diets do include healthy foods, they are way too strict and mundane to stick with for very long. Soon, you’ll

be craving your old comfort food favorites again. That is, until the next fad diet comes along.

Throwing Up – Okay, for most people, this is an uncomfortable idea and they won’t even try it. For others, it’s very attractive. They reason that you can eat anything you like, in any kinds of quantities, because it’s only temporary. Once you’ve pigged out, you go to the bathroom, stick your finger down your throat and up comes everything.

This temporary food enjoyment, followed by throwing up, can lead to serious health problems. Bulimia is a huge risk factor when you choose this road to weight loss. As we have seen too many times, people who use this method can develop serious issues with food and body image. This ultimately leads to life threatening consequences. Hey, you wanna lose weight, not end up a skinny basket case. Just being honest.

Pill Popping – Taking diet pills is one of the most popular ways people choose to lose weight. It’s also one of the most futile methods. If taking diet pills really worked well for all those who take them, then why do we see increasing numbers of obese people?

Diet pills have been around for decades, so you’d think that they would have a reputation for being so effective that most people would be slim and trim. Yet, here we are – fatter than ever.

Many people, who struggle with their weight, just don’t want to face the idea that it may take some actual work to drop those pounds. Instead, they desperately look for quick fixes, and there’s no quicker fix than popping a diet pill. Oh, and the promises the manufacturers make, are so over the top that it’s not any wonder they’re stuffing their pockets with cash. I mean, who wouldn’t want to drop all of their belly fat in 30 days flat – without lifting a finger or changing their eating habits?

Some diet pills are harmless herbal remedies that don’t really do much of anything. While others contain ingredients that have a detrimental effect on the body. There have been some sad news stories about people who’ve sustained permanent liver and kidney damage from taking a weight loss supplement. Others, unfortunately, have lost their life.

If you’re someone who is prone to taking diet pills, you need to stop and re-evaluate how effective they really are in helping you to lose weight. And, if they are that effective, why do you feel the need to keep taking them? Did you actually gain all that weight back?


HCG Injections – Some people have resorted to taking hormone injections to lose weight. While our bodies naturally contain hormones, introducing any type of hormonal drugs into your body is really risky. While HCG is often used to help infertile women get pregnant, it is considered a controversial method in weight loss.

When you’re dealing with hormones, there’s gonna be side effects. Here are some of the documented side effects from taking HCG for long periods.

Abnormal breast enlargement (men), multiple birth pregnancies (women), tiredness, nausea, mood changes, acne, excessive fluid retention, sore throat, hair loss, prostate hypertrophy (men), unknown side effects from using counterfeit HCG.

Laxatives – The purpose of laxatives is to help loosen up the bowels if you’re constipated. That’s it. There is no evidence that taking laxatives to lose weight does anything positive to help the body shed fat. The thing is, as soon as you’ve ingested the food, your body goes into action to absorb calories. Taking a laxative after eating is already too late to prevent calories from going where they wish to go.

Those who have gone down this road often regret it, because laxatives can make you feel and look really ill. You can even become addicted to laxatives and end up being hospitalized. The damage you can cause your organs will not be worth all the pain and trouble.

Gimmicks – There are all types of silly products out there that claim they can help you melt away the fat in just minutes per day. Wrap yourself in a sweat suit or place a gyrating, electric belt around your waist. These are gimmicks that will just waste your time and money.

If you’re really serious about your health, there are smart ways to lose weight that don’t involve putting your body, and long-term well being, at risk. Losing weight takes real commitment, and yes – time. Many people who try things on the bad list just don’t want to hear this. They want to take shortcuts.

Well, again, if these shortcuts really worked, there wouldn’t be so many of these same people constantly trying to lose weight.

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