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How Does the HCG Diet Reset Your Metabolism?

8/19 9:44:46

You’re someone who’s probably tried a diet or two in your life. You've heard about the HCG diet, but you know that diets only work for as long as you are following them, right? The basic principle behind weight loss is that you must create a caloric deficit, which simply means that for every pound of fat loss you must burn 3,500 more calories than you take in. Creating a consistent, daily caloric deficit will cause you to lose weight.

What makes the HCG diet different?
So what's so special about this diet? What sets it apart from the other diets out there that promise to help you lose a ton of weight, but then you turn around and gain it all back with a bonus?

The difference with HCG is that it resets your metabolism in a couple of ways. When we are born, we are blessed with a lifetime supply of HCG in our body. As we grow, this finite store of HCG is depleted. When you follow the diet exactly, either taking a daily injection of HCG or the oral HCG drops (sublingual), your HCG stores get replenished. Now instead of burning sugar and then muscle tissue the body reverts back to burning excess fat for energy.

HCG regulates the hypothalamus, which is located in the brain. Dr. Simeon, the British Endocrinologist who discovered the link between HCG and weight loss, reasoned that the hormone HCG, when injected in small quantities could trigger the mobilization of abnormal fat stores in obese individuals. Along with a very low calorie diet (500 calories), injections of HCG would trigger the body to burn off as much as 3,500 calories of abnormal fat allowing the individual to lose a significant amount of weight quickly.

The HCG diet boosts metabolism
Once the body's HCG stores have been replenished, the hypothalamus gets the signal to burn of the abnormal fat deposits and boost your metabolism, which is your body's mechanism for burning fat at rest. Many factors including age, frequent bouts of dieting and weight gain, periods of activity and inactivity can wreak havoc on the metabolism. Fresh quantities of HCG can help to get your metabolism back on track and operating at more optimum levels.

Establish new eating habits
Following the very low calorie diet on the HCG diet will help you to mentally establish the habit of eating smaller meals. While you are on the diet and its burning away your abnormal adipose (fat) stores you will not feel weak and lethargic on such limited food intake, but when your HCG doses end your stomach will have shrunken a bit, as will your appetite.

Once you have finished a round of oral HCG, you’ll want to maintain a healthy diet and incorporate a regular exercise routine into you life so that you can keep the weight off for good.

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