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Oolong Tea - The Best Beverage in the World

8/19 9:44:06

The Western world has hugs a beautiful export from Taiwan and simply seemingly not enough of them get oolong tea. The largest producer of "Formosan Oolong tea" worldwide, Taiwan unique blend considered delicious food, and one of the best drinks in the world.

"Oolong" translated "Black Dragon" in Chinese - the original homeland of sophisticated drinks and often as "Wu long tea", the name of his "creator". Despite his "literal translation, Oolong is neither black nor green, and their" fermentation is shorter than for the black version. In colour and the taste is similar to oolong green tea, but grows made later in the system — not from the top of the large leaves.

Formosan Oolong tea has two varieties, differently depending on the duration of the fermentation period. True Formosan Oolong teas are similar to Chinese oolong tea. Both are fermented, approximately 30 % of leaves are green red and approximately 70 %. Formosa bag firms leaves are closer to the green variety with approximately 15 % red and green 85 %.

Formosan Oolong teas and from Sackung, the leaves are harvested in the early morning hours and left, the Sun to dry. The fermentation starts crushing of leaves know. Tea craftsmen see their leaves eng, sometimes shaking or tumbling it to accelerate the fermentation. If the leaves must the appropriate amounts of green and red, is the process of fermented. This is the perfect time to steep a cup!

Imperial Formosan Oolong, an intensely spicy tea is considered to be of the highest quality in the world. When it finishes, it has crisp a golden color and sharp taste. You can pick up significant light taste of Orange and nuts and the target is holzig with a sweetness which abides.

Imperial Formosan Oolong tea is rare and somewhat more expensive than other mixtures. True gourmets will agree with me that Imperial Formosan Oolong has an exceptional taste, and a variety of nuances.

All Oolong teas are high in antioxidants, so healthy. Tea has a high number of antioxidants naturally, but to varying degrees of fermentation, the count may reduce. Oolong blends are partially vergoren more antibiotics, the maintenance of healthy in their natural state. The leaves contain a high level of polyphenols, a very powerful antioxidant. Polyphenols are supported in the treatment of cancer and heart disease. Scientists have researched the health benefits of tea and believe that a lifelong drinker to live a longer and healthier life.

Oolong tea is a healthy weight to supplement. This tasty beverage contains caffeine, which with the antibiotics, mixed, speeds up the metabolism and helps the oxidation of fats. Research has shown that Oolong tea than other koffeinhaltigen beverages is different. It is not empowered to make the heart rate, nervous and tense yet one. This makes healthy alternative for those, the caffeine and sensitive.

Who is tried a variety of teas say Imperial Formosan Oolong is fragrant, spicy tea in the world. Each Cup presented with different nuances! For a newbie in this fabulous drinking Imperial Formosan Oolong is the most demanding introduction in the tea can enjoy.

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