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New Weight Loss Products - Not Only the Newest, but Some of The Best

8/19 9:43:44

You might be aware of the best weight loss products on the market. Now, you have to meet new products in this area so you can be well informed before starting this "race" against your extra pounds.

Of course, there are big companies, such as Alli, Starlight, that will always release on the market new weight loss products. Their big advantage is the fact that they have already gained their popularity and your trust.

If you want to choose the best for you, you should know some other products recently appearing on the market.

First, there are some medicines that have in their composition some ingredients that are also used by Alli producers. One example is Xerisan ASA, which  controls the intake of carbohydrates in a similar fashion to Alli, it seems that it's not so effective.

The main ingredients in Xerisan are Synephrine, Phaseolus Vulgaris, Picolinate and Pyrovate. The late research has shown that Phaseolus Vulgaris acts as a blocker of the alpha-amylase enzyme. Like Xenical, Xerisan ASA doesn't affect your heart and in spite of the fact that it has been released only in 2006, it has been clinically tested and it has gained its popularity ever since.

Solidax ADX doesn`t work in the same way as Xenical or Xenisan, being a direct suppressant of the appetite. Some scientists are very skeptical about these weight loss pills. It is one of the newer weight loss medicines on the market, but the impact is not promising. The main ingredients in Solidax ADX: Synephrine, that is similar to ephedra and has the role of speeding the metabolism and Picolinate and Pyruvate that are effective only in high dosage.

Phenterdrene P57 is also very new on the market and it`s reputation was destroyed by the fact that many pills were sold on the Internet and it caused many side effects. The real pills are really good in fact, but you should see a doctor before taking them. It has in its composition 25 mg of ephedrine and 200 mg of caffeine and has the same aim like others medicines with ephedrine: it is recognized for giving energy and endurance, it accelerates the metabolism and works 24 hours against the fat calories in your body. It was medically tested and the results are really good. It should be taken three times a day.

Its active ingredients are: Ephedrine (from Ephedra Extract), caffeine, Alkaloids, B-Phenylethylamin, N-Methyl-B Phenylethylamin, R-Beta-Methyl-Phenylethylamine], Phenylethylamine HCL, Theobromine and Synephrine HCL.

Fat Absorber TDSL works differently that the medicines mentioned before. The pills contain Amylase, Atractylodes, Chitosan and Magnesium Sterate which have the role of bringing the amount of fat in your meals to a lower manner by absorbing some of it. This medicine works very good with low carbohydrate diets.

Akavar 20/50 is a European weight loss pill that also enjoys popularity in the weight loss products area. It is said that if you take Akavar 20/50 you can eat whatever you want and you won't take in weight, but first of all, it`s like any other pill that reduces your appetite. Akavar 20/50 is not recommended because it promotes a lifestyle without a balanced diet and without exercise, it doesn't have the FDA approval and it doesn't publish the ingredients.

After we have presented you these weight loss products, it`s up to you to decide which one is the best for you.

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