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New Years Weight Loss Goal

8/19 9:43:33

For 2010, hit your new year's weight loss goal by doing some very simple things.  Most people think of that when they make a new years weight loss resolution, that it is hard to accomplish your goal, but it does not have to be.  A simple change in the way you eat can let you hit your goal without the typical pain of a diet.

First, set your New Year's weight loss goal to be something that is reachable.  It does not make any sense to put a goal of losing too much too fast.  When you realize that you won't be able to meet your goal, you will decide to quit.

Second, change your eating habits.  It is better to eat smaller meals more often than it is to cut out a meal from your day.  Eating smaller meals increases your resting metabolic rate and keeps your fat burning consistent.  When you cut out a meal or starve yourself, your metabolism will slow down and you will not burn as many calories as possible.

Thirdly, start a low intensity exercise program.  Just walking for 20 minutes per day will increase the amount of calories you burn.  Also, it will help your cardio vascular system and make you much healthier.  There is no need to jump on a treadmill for hours at the gym, just take baby steps, and you will find yourself closer to your New Year's weight loss goa.

Fourth, don't think of weight loss as a negative.  Often times, we place dieting or weight loss in the light of a negative and when you do this, you mentally "check out."  If you create positive emotions around your decision to lose weight, you will be more apt to hit your weight loss goal.

Fifth and finally, make 2010 the year for you to be the person you want to be, not the one other people want you to be.  Don't fall for the stereotypical "model" looks.  Humans (and all animals) have a fat layer on their body, some just have let theirs grow a little more than others.  Be happy with what you can accomplish, not just dream of what you want to be.  Go for it in 2010!

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