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Tomorrow is the busiest day of the week

8/19 9:43:31

Wherever you go on the internet, whichever newspapers and magazines you open, there's a familiar marketing message. Apparently, it's easy to lose those unwanted pounds. Yeah, right. The marketers target our insecurities. They show us "before" and "after" pictures and suggest we too can become an "after" person if we buy their product. "Just spend your dollars with us," they wheedle, "and we'll heal your pain." There are a mass of interesting assumptions in all these ads. It seems almost everyone is a target. We all want to shed pounds. That means we must all be unhappy with our current body shape. We must feel uncomfortable, perhaps even the victim of discrimination. Perhaps the health message is getting through and we begin to feel real fear of blocked-up arteries, high blood pressure and heart disease. Whatever the reason, the advertizers scent blood in the water and they are circling round our purses and wallets ready to sink their teeth into our dollars and disappear without delivering on all their promises. Keeping this real, if it was easy to lose weight, no-one would be overweight. Everyone would have their ideal weight. What makes losing weight so difficult? We just keep putting off action to another day. As the title to this article says, "Tomorrow is the busiest day of the week". Delay makes an easy job harder. But, in the meantime, we buy those weight loss magazines and take a few pills. Hope burns eternal. We are all the victims of one of the not-so-great American myths — that we can get what we want without having to work hard for it. Just look at the tens of thousands who queue up for American Idol and the other shows to discover the next big talent. They all believe success is theirs for the asking. So let's go back to the drawing-board. The scientific evidence shows we lose the most weight in the shortest time when we combine a calorie-reduced diet with an exercise program. That means eating smaller portions of lean meat and adding fruit, vegetables and a good source of fibre to what we eat. For this to work, there is no tomorrow. You have to live and work through every day, making a commitment and keeping it. But the "keeping" of the commitment is the problem. We often lack the will to keep going. Of course, with money in the bank, we could all hire a personal trainer. This would make us more accountable and focus our minds on the importance of regular activity. But, with the credit crunch and the priority of financial survival, a private trainer is a distant dream. So involve friends and family. Get their support. Invite them to join in. Motivation is reinforced when others are involved. And for those times when you are on your own, there's always phentermine to help you through. This is the best of the appetite suppressants and has been on the market longer than any other competitor drug. It reduces the hunger pangs and helps you manage your body's messages to eat. With phentermine to keep your body under control, you can focus your mind on losing weight and make it work. You know it makes sense.

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