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Weight Loss After Pregnancy, Postpartum Weight Loss & Control

8/19 9:43:23

Women who just gave birth should watch their diet, eating a well balance diet and having a good fitness routine, if not they will end up with some extra pounds after labor and delivery. Losing weight after pregnancy will be a goal easier or harder to achieve according to the eating and exercising habits that you followed during your months of pregnancy. Starving yourself is not the wise method for losing weight after pregnancy. You have to plan your diet, reduce fats and amounts of food, but stay in healthy limits. Furthermore, if you learned to avoid junk food during pregnancy, there is no reason to retake the bad habit to get highly processed snacks instead of fruits.

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Most women will lose anywhere from 10-14 pounds within the first 2 weeks of delivery. This weight may be attributed primarily to the loss of excess fluid in the body, the baby's weight, the placenta and amniotic fluid. Some women might lose a little bit less, and others might lose a little bit more. It takes up to 6 months after pregnancy for your body to return to normal. So even if you are not breast-feeding, do not be in too much of a hurry to cut calories. Apart from the physical trauma of giving birth, which itself can leave you feeling exhausted, looking after and being responsible for a new baby can be very stressful. It will require all your energy - especially as you get to grips with "night-feeds" and all the other demands of a new infant! So rather than focusing on "weight loss", concentrate for the first three months or so after the birth on eating healthy food with enough calories and nutrients to give you the energy and nutrition to cope. A new mom who breastfeed her new born child produces an average output of 850ml of breast milk each day. To provide this, the mother needs to consume approximately 500 extra calories per day during lactation.

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How long it takes you to return to your pre-pregnancy weight and shape largely depends on how much weight you gained while pregnant. If you gained more than 35 pounds while pregnant, allow an extra month of dieting for each additional 6-pounds gained. Thus, for example, if you gained about 47 pounds, it will take you about 10 months to regain your pre-pregnancy weight. Don't take these weight loss figures too literally. See these as a basic guide.

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