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Are You Struggling to Lose Belly Fat Because of Your Poor Genetics?

8/19 9:43:19

Genetics play a very big role when it comes to fat loss. There are almost 7 billion people in the world and every one of them is different. This especially true when it comes to metabolic individuality. Some people do not seem to gain any weight no matter how much food they eat and others will gain weight even if they do not eat much at all. What can you do if you have poor genetics?

Considering that people are all different then one training and nutrition program can not possible work for everyone. Some person may get great results while others scratch their heads and wonder why they can not lose fat. If you want to lose belly fat permanently then it is essential to understand the uniqueness of your psychology and to change your training and nutrition plans according to your need and not follow anyone else.

Most people, which is around 60%, are average. So they respond very well to a proper training and nutrition program, which enables them to lose fat. Then there is the 20% of people who lose fat very easily and another 20% of people, who have really big problems, including you I suppose.

If you have poor genetics then you also have to be realistic first of all. The changes that you will look like a fitness model is very small. But that should not be your goal. Every person can get into better shape. The key is not to compare yourself to others because their genetics may be a lot different than yours. Compare yourself with yourself. How much fat your friend is losing does not matter.

When you do not have the best genetics for losing fat then it is very easy to get frustrated. Because it seems that everyone else is losing fat much quicker and more easily than you. You can either give up and have no change at all or you can make small improvements to your nutrition and training plans and improve your personal bests. In a marathon you also need to find your own pace and rhythm or you will burn yourself out. The same is true with fat loss.

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