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Fat Loss 4 Idiots - Fatloss4idiots Com Review

8/19 9:43:18

Have tried losing weight without success? Are you tired of diet plans that just don't seem to work? You have tried almost everything and your weight just won't budge. You may have heard about the revolutionary fat loss 4 idiots' diet program calculator. This article is an honest review of the general principle to fat loss using the idiot proof method to weight loss program.

The reason that most people just seem not to go anywhere with their fat loss programs is that they fail to understand how to work with their metabolism rates. Your body's metabolism is like a machine that has evolved in millions of years and it is able to predict just how much calories you will eat based on your previous meals. It then sets the rate at which it will burn the calories based on what it expects from your next meal.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet Plan and Metabolism

Metabolism is the rate that your body burns calories that you eat to produce energy. This rate is in turn triggered by hormones located in your brain. The brain sets the amount of the hormones required for each meals metabolism based on your set feeding trend. It will usually calculate this automatically to a certain degree of accuracy.

Metabolism is such that if you are taking 3000 calories a day, it will adjust itself to burn the exact same amount of calories based on the recent history of your eating habits. If you go on a abrupt slim diet and reduce your calorie intake to 1000 calories a day. The metabolism rate automatically adjusts again to burn exactly the same amount. Nothing more, nothing less. The effect is absolutely no fat loss despite almost starving yourself. You however need the process to burn a little faster to include your body fat.

Best Weight Loss Program Tames Metabolism

Now, you too need the metabolism to not only burn the calories in your lunch but also the body fat in your tummy, chest, thighs, or hips. The tricky part is that your body does not consider fat as an unnecessary addition. It just keeps piling any extra calories you eat for a rainy day, a famine, hibernation in animals etc. But you on the other hand, want to convince your body to start burning some of that fat since you don't want it. Metabolism being an automatic process that you have absolutely no conscious control of will not touch that extra body fat. Not unless you actually starve yourselves to the throws of death.

Low Carbs, No Fats and Low Calorie Diets Don't Work

People that succeed in losing weight without starvation are the ones that follow a diet plan that works with their metabolism. Many of the diets around are just too strict that they restrain you from carbs, fats, and calories. In the process you end up leaving a very unhealthy life and denying your body some essential foods. This is not healthy at all.

Fat Loss for Idiots Book's Calorie Shifting Method

A new weight loss diet plan developed by the fat loss 4 idiots program involves a process called calorie shifting. Calorie shifting works on the basis of confusing the body metabolism such that the brain produces higher metabolism rates enough to burn the food calories and turn on to the stored body fat. Calorie shifting means that the food's calorie content that you eat in each meal varies very randomly that the metabolism is all lost and burning body fat like a furnace.

The calories contained in each food are varied widely with gradually reducing energy content. This way the body's metabolism rate does not adjust itself fully to burning a lesser amount of calories. The best part is that fat loss for idiots eBook comes with a calorie diet plan calculator or generator that automatically calculates how much of each foods you should take in a day.

Most Popular Weight Loss Diet Plan and Calculator

By far the calorie shifting diet plan is the most successful so far and the best part is that its available online as downloadable program. You can get a personal copy of the diet plan, its reviews and explanations and the calorie program generator.

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