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Top Secret Fat Loss Secret - Fasting Weight Loss

8/19 9:43:16

Top Secret Fat Loss Secret is a weight loss program which is rapidly gaining popularity around the world. It was created by Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst, a health researcher. What is this program and what are the overall Top Secret Fat Loss Secret testimonials, feedbacks, and reviews?

Top Secret Fat Loss Secret Reviews

Overall, this program enjoys positive reviews, but you should know that it's not perfect. It is strictly a weight loss program, not a fitness or muscle development program. This means that it can get you thinner, but not develop your abs or anything. Of course, due to the cleansing elements of this program, it has other healthy benefits than simply weight loss. If you suffer from stomach discomfort, acne, have chronic allergies, and other ailments, cleansing your body of parasites and plaque with this program may indeed help you.

Top Secret Fat Loss Testimonials and Feedbacks

As this program is relatively new (at the time of this article which is March 2008) testimonials are relatively few. But some of them are highly positive. People report that they've lost a lot of weight with this program in a relatively short time. Apart from weight loss, I haven't seen any reviews of people who report an improvement in other health issues, but these generally take more time to appear. Of course, once you lose weight, your health improves automatically.

Overall, it seems that this program may work for you if you experienced difficulty to lose weight before with other diets. It's not perfect, but it may be worth a try, and as it comes with a money back guarantee, it seems to be worth it.

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