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How To Lose Lower Belly Fat?

8/19 9:41:47

The number of meals you eat and the time between these meals will effect your body by a huge amount when it comes to weight loss. Your body bases everything around your survival and therefore the way you eat will effect the way your body sees your situation. If your body thinks you are in a good situation for fat loss it will lose the weight, but the problem is telling your body that you want to lose weight. A great way is by telling it that you have plenty of food and don't need fat for backup energy.

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The ideal number of meals is around 6 a day. This is because it takes about 3 hours to digest a meal, so eating a meal every 3 hours would result in about meals a day. You must constantly provide your body with food so that it can see that you have plenty to survive on and don't need fat for energy. Eating more meals will raise your metabolism and keep it high for the whole day, this is because your body will no longer need to reduce calories being burned as you will show it that you have plenty of energy to be burned.

Your calories intake should be the same as when your ate 3 meals a day. Just half the portion size for each meal. Eating less per meal will help digestion and prevent the storage of excess food as fat. Eating more frequently will raise your energy levels and give your body the nutrients it needs constantly making you healthier and fitter.

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Eat protein with every meal to stop the breakdown of muscle mass. Muscle is metabolically active tissue that must be maintained to keep your metabolism high. Protein will fill you up quickly and prevent cravings between meals.

For triple weight loss, eat most of your carbohydrates in the morning meals and none in the evening. As your metabolism slows down at night and you won't use all your energy from carbohydrates during sleep. This will totally stop any excess energy being stored as fat.

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