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Eat Stop Eat Review - Discover If This Program Will Help You Lose Pounds Fast

8/19 9:41:14

This Eat Stop Eat review is going to give you an unbiased, honest account of this fasting program. First, let's try and tick some of those boxes by making sure the creator of the program knows what he is talking about.

Designed By An Expert

The Eat Stop Eat program was created by an expert guy called Brad Pilon and it was featured on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet.

How Does It Work?

This program works by making use of two key components:

1) Intermittent Fasting

2) Weight Training Exercise Routines

When you think about what your body is made up of, this makes good logical sense, since everyone wants to lose the unnecessary excess fat and keep their lean muscle tissue. Also muscle burns more calories at rest, so by holding onto or even building some muscle, you will be burning off more calories ( and therefore fat ) even when you're not exercising.

So you now know that this program is formulated so you can lose fat and hold onto your muscle. So far, so good.

Is the Eat Stop Eat Program Any Good?

You'll be pleased to hear that this is a high quality fat burning program whereby you incorporate the weight training and fasting without it getting extreme and risking your health. You can still follow this program and lead your normal, every day routine.

What About When I'm Not Fasting?

When you're not fasting you can eat normally, so you won't be living on two sticks of celery or anything absurd like that. It's a practical solution that does not rely on ridiculously strict diets that people usually cannot stick to in the real world.

Does It Work?

This program does work for those that follow it and stick to it in a disciplined fashion. Obviously during the periods where you should be fasting, you can't rush out and buy yourself a huge tub of ice cream. People that stick to the Eat Stop Eat system have reported reductions in weight, inches off their waist and hips as well as visible improvements such as being able to see their abdominals.

Because this program incorporates fasting and weight training, this Eat Stop Eat review advises you that it will not suit everybody. With that said, if you are open to the idea of following a fasting and training program, this is going to be something you enjoy following.

With consistent application of the program, you should find it's a highly effective system that will deliver with noticeable reductions in body fat whilst maintaining muscle. Also, this program can be followed long term for fat loss if desired, so there's no requirement to switch programs at any point if you don't want to.

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