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The Simple Golf Swing Ebook

8/19 9:40:46

The simple golf swing ebook :

I have been starting to learn playing golf recently. But my performance was really disappointing and I even began to doubt that I could never be able to play it until days ago a friend of mine recommended me this ebook “The Simple Golf Swing”, also called "Golf Swing Guru". It is the best selling golf swing book authored by David Nevogt, who is a golf expert and a great golf teacher.

I have to say that this book is really helpful in solving your swing problems. And it is quite easy to follow the instructions and master the swing skills taught in this book. It gives a step by step guide with illustrations starting from the very beginning like how to grip the club correctly, and then many practical methods and procedures to promote consistency, to ensure straight ball flight, to push the ball right, to hit more greens, to swing around your spine, to make perfect impact with the ball on every shot, to master the one-piece takeaway, etc. All of those make your golf swing just perfect.

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After reading this book I found many mistakes I had made in playing the game. I had problems in almost every step of golf swing, no wonder I was such a loser before. Thanks a lot to this book, now I am on the road to become a real golfer. So for those who have swing problems and wish to play a better golf in a short time, it’s really a shame if you haven’t read it. I strongly recommend you to read this ebook, it is absolutely worth your money and time.

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