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Fat Burning Furnace - Fat Loss System

8/19 9:40:26

The Fat Burning Furnace is a program that contains specific details about how to increase the metabolism and promote weight loss. The diet is structured around consuming actual food, not meal replacements or supplements. Calorie shifting is the primary technique used with this diet along with quick and powerful workouts to force the body to burn stored fat cells.

One of the cons about this program is that a complete home gym or access to a gym is required for most of the workouts. This article has a few exercises that can be performed from the comfort of your house using everyday household items.

These exercises are perfect for newbies and more seasoned exercisers looking to boost fat loss and maximize results. For the best results, try to reduce the rest time between sets.

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1. Shoulder Press


From a seated or standing position, grab a weight such as a vegetable can in each hand, just above your shoulders. Push them overhead slowly, then return to starting position.


2. Wall Push-Up


Stand looking towards a wall with your feet one or two feet apart. Place your hands on the wall, as wide apart as your shoulders. Bend your elbows and slowly lower your body towards the wall, then push back up to the starting position. Remember that keeping your body aligned during each rep will give the best results.


3. Biceps Curl


Stand with your knees bent just a little, arms to your side, holding an object in each hand. With your arms at your side, lift your arms bending at the elbows until the weight touches the upper part of your arm. Make sure to squeeze your bicep when you reach the top. Change arms or do together. Click Here to Download the Fat Burning Furnace now

4. Bench Dips


Sit on front edge of a chair. Place hands on the edge of the chair beside buttocks. Start with feet flat on floor, two feet from chair, knees bent. Lift bottom until hands support you. Bend arms, dipping body down. Go down as far as possible without becoming uncomfortable and hold it for a moment. Push back to starting position, squeezing triceps. To reduce the chance of injury to your shoulder, keep your back close to the edge of the chair.


5. Standing Row


Hold a weight in both hands, hanging against your thighs. Keep weights about a foot apart, thumbs facing in. Pull weights straight up, elbows up and out and close to your body, until almost even with your chin. Slowly return to starting position.


6. Standing Squat


Place your feet shoulder width apart. Keeping torso upright , back slightly arched, bend knees. Go down as far as you can, but do not bend knees beyond a 90-degree angle to the floor. Using thigh muscles, straighten to starting position. Use chair back only for balance, not to pull up. When you can perform squats with thighs parallel to the floor not using the chair back, add weight. To add weight, use a pair of matching containers, like two full milk cartons. {Make sure containers are balanced in size and weight. Hold containers at sides, arms parallel to body, during squat. Click Here to Download the Fat Burning Furnace now
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