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Cheat Your Way Thin Review - Diet and Weight Loss

8/19 9:40:18

Cheat Your Way Thin is a revolutionary new weight loss book by bestselling author and nutritionist Joel Marion. This unique weight loss program is claims to trick your body into burning more calories and therefore losing weight.

Forgo Guilt and Cheat Your Way Thin

The solution to this “diet versus nature” problem is simple. Eat in a way that allows you to lose weight while working with your body’s natural tendencies.

How do you do this? It as easy as cheating on your diet at key intervals. Eat what you love and eat what you crave at specific times and you’ll lose weight three times faster than on standard low fat, low calorie, or low carbohydrate diets. Ban the guilt and “Cheat Your Way Thin.”

How Can You Cheat and Still Lose Weight?

Here’s how Cheat Your Way Thin works. Simply put, your body releases hormones in response to dieting.

If you stick to a diet too long, your body gets upset, thinks it’s starving, and lowers it’s hunger dulling hormone, leptin.

Leptin tells your body you’re at the right weight and do not need to eat to gain weight. Ever wonder why you suffer unrelenting cravings while dieting? The reason is lower levels of leptin which screams at you to “eat, eat!”

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The Secret to Raising Leptin Levels

Joel shares how he learned how to prevent this leptin lowering response in this unique program. You’ll have a powerful tool available called diet cycling. By going “off” your diet at regular intervals and eating anything you crave on your “cheat” days, you keep your leptin levels high.

Your body is fooled into not realizing you’re on a diet, and it releases hunger controlling leptin. This also allows your to lose more body fat than on typical diets.

While on the ‘Cheat Your Way Thin’ program, you’ll cycle between low carbohydrate days, low glycemic days, higher glycemic days, then enjoy a cheat day that prevents your hunger hormones from spinning out of control

Insulin & The Glycemic Index

The glycemic index is simply a way of measuring the tendency of certain foods to raise blood sugar.

When your blood sugar goes up, your body releases the hormone insulin. By controlling when you release insulin, you can control hunger, and when you tell your body to store or burn fat.

This may all sound complicated, but on ‘Cheat Your Way Thin’ it’s all worked out for you. Just follow the program guide and you’ll be guaranteed fat loss success.

How to Meet Your Weight Loss Goals

Everything you need to succeed at cheating your way thin is included in this program.

For just $49 you receive quite the bundle in the ‘Cheat Your Way Thin’ program You will receive:

? An easy to understand program manual
? Three instructional MP3s
? Quick reference cards
? Pre program check list
? Success journal to track your progress
? Deluxe recipes and meal plans
? 7 fast fat burning workouts
? Calorie needs calculator
? A VIP 1 on 1 email consultation

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