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Atkins Diet, Popular Diet Plans, Weight Control

8/19 9:40:17

Want to lose weight fast? The popular Atkins diet will help. However, because it does restrict what you eat, there are two important rules you should know.

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Here they are.

1. Make Time to Exercise Every Day

You will lose weight quickly on the Atkins diet, so exercise is a must.

Exercise comes in two forms; the first is aerobic exercise.

You should do some aerobic exercise every day. An aerobic exercise is any exercise which makes your heart pump faster and which makes you sweat. Aerobic exercise is vital because it helps to keep your body functioning at its best. When you're losing weight quickly, the body is burning fat and this creates a lot of waste material which must be eliminated from your body. When you do a aerobic exercise this helps to eliminate these waste materials.

Aerobic exercises include walking, jogging, dancing, and other exercises which make you move. Try to vary the aerobic exercise you do. For example, on one day you could go for a walk, on another day you could go to the gym, and on another day you could go dancing.

The second form of exercise you need to do several times a week is anaerobic exercise. An anaerobic exercise is any exercise which helps you to build muscle. The obvious way in which to exercise anaerobically is via weightlifting.

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Exercises to help you to build muscle mass vitally important when you're on the Atkins diet. This is because your body isn't fussy where it gets its energy. It can break down muscles in order to gain energy and it may even break down your heart muscle. This means that if you do exercises which build muscle mass, it protects your overall health.

2. Select the Right Carbohydrates

If you are new to the Atkins diet it can seem as though carbohydrates are the villains. This is not so. Good carbohydrates like vegetables and fruit are essential parts of your diet and you should eat them every day. However empty carbohydrates add nothing to your diet. Empty carbohydrates include all those processed foods which are made of mainly white sugar and white flour. So ensure that you eat good carbohydrates daily, while eliminating the bad carbs from your diet.

If you follow the above two rules, you will lose weight fast, and you'll love the Atkins diet.

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