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To Lose Fat, Gain Muscle

8/19 9:39:57

In the past—even the recent past—people were far less stagnant. People spent time every day engaged in one form of manual labor or another. Transportation, depending on the era, often meant walking, bicycling or other self-powered means. Today, many people are concerned about their weight and much of that concern has arisen from an unhealthy lifestyle. One of the first things that people wanting to get fit learn is: To lose fat, gain muscle. Gaining muscle has as much to do with getting the figure one desires as does losing weight.

Most individuals will take up aerobic exercise to burn fat and gain muscle by lifting weights. These methods work but they’re not suitable for all individuals. Some individuals with significant weight problems may find themselves unable to handle the physical demands of a very intensive exercise program. For example, if one happens to be 50 or 60 pounds overweight, signing up for the local Tae Kwon Do class may be a bit much. Oftentimes, one has to start slow in their quest lose to fat.

Gain muscle by challenging the body, but not by overdoing it. Sometimes, individuals get put off of a workout routine because they overdo it right away and create a negative association. While it’s normal for most individuals to be a bit sore the day after a workout, it’s also generally a very good feeling that accompanies that soreness. When one is injuring themselves, they’re not helping their overall health and may end up creating a situation where they’re even more stagnant in the future. Remember that little things count. Get up, go outside and walk around for no reason at all. Take another lap around the store before leaving. These are both excellent ways to help lose fat.

Gain muscle by challenging one’s mind, as well. Psychological problems are oftentimes partially because of poor body image. By exercising and eating better, one’s body is given the proper activity and nutrients it needs to feel good all over, including in the brain. Exercise also presents an opportunity for an individual to challenge themselves to overcome their own perceived limitations. For example, one could set a distance goal for walking and increase it over time. By meeting a challenging goal, one oftentimes enables themselves to feel good about keeping up the challenge. Remember to ask a doctor before starting an exercise program.

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