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Get Those Abs!

8/19 9:39:52

Get Those Abs!

If you are looking for a new workout program with abs exercises to help tone up your body, then you may want to consider a few different exercises to try out! Although the best exercise program should be well-rounded and all-encompassing in toning up all muscle groups in your body and training your entire body fully, those who specifically want shapely abs should concentrate on building muscles in their abdomen area.

First, you might want to try some jack-knife sit ups. You can follow these steps to do this kind of abs exercise. Start off by lying completely flat on the floor. You can put your hands on the gym floor at your sides to get a better sense of balance. As you get used to this exercise routine, you can lift your hands up gradually when you feel more comfortable with this movement. Next, you can raise your torso and knees at the same time so that face and knees will meet at an “imaginary line” which can be drawn from your pelvis straight up to your ceiling. If you are doing this abs exercise correctly, your mouth and knees ought to be able to meet when the motion reaches its peak. As such, during this routine, your legs should fold naturally, and your feet should move towards your hips. This movement resembles a jack-knife, hence the name for this abs exercise. After that, you can lie flat on the gym floor once again and repeat this workout several times. To make this abs exercise routine more challenging, you can place some free weights or a medicine ball between your feet to give yourself an even better workout. Do consult your personal trainer at your gym for more advice on how to do your abs exercises most effectively in later stages.

You can also try an abs exercise called the V-up. This is how you do V-up exercises: First, lie flat on the floor with your legs flat out in front of you and your hands flat out over your head. The second step of this fitness exercise is to raise your torso and legs at the same time, without bending your knees, hence forming a V-shape, giving this abs exercise its rather apt name! Try to touch your raised feet with your hands, and repeat this exercise several times. Similarly, if you can do this daily workout rather easily, you may want to bring your exercise routine to a higher level by adding free weights between your feet for more effective and efficient fat burning, muscle toning and training.


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