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Weight Loss Secrets- Stop Cutting Calories!

8/19 9:39:29

Here are some more great tips to help with fast weight loss.

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One of the big mistakes that people make when they try to lose weight is that they cut the calories too low, too fast. Say you are going to try to start losing weight tomorrow, but a big mistake that you could make is to all the sudden cut your calories very drastically right away.

Now this might seem like a good idea, because if you cut your calories really fast your body will have to adapt and and you think a big calorie deficit will make you burn more fat. But what really happens is that if you cut your calories too much your body tends to overcompensate.

What you want to do is first clean up your nutrition and immediately start eating right. Then start exercising properly. That is what is going to burn more calories. You'll quickly start burning fat calories. And then once you're weight loss begins to slow down some, then begin to reduce your calorie intake again. And then keep up this process as your weight loss slows down cut your calories again.

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So you kind of have a graded calorie reduction instead of cutting all your calories at once so make sure you don't initially cut your calories too low. Another side effect of rapid calorie reduction is that many people then get so hungry that they can't help but begin to over eat again.

You must realize that you did not get into a situation of having more weight than you want in just a few days. Even though there are some great, quick weight loss programs you must take the right approach and rapid calorie reduction is not one of them. As he previously stated, this simple step down cycle of cleaning up your eating, beginning your exercise program, and then reducing your calories will get you where you want to go much faster.

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