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Cheat Your Way Thin :My Honest Review

8/19 9:38:07

Cheat your way thin is one of the relatively new diets for weight loss plans online.  This diet for weight loss launched in March of 2009 and has been receiving rave reviews and great results from the users of the plan.

Cheat your way thin also breaks the issue down and teaches you how to shed those extra fats on you without going on an extreme diet and forgoing your favorite foods.

The programme is based on strong science, proven to work in the real world and it will teach you how to apply a new approach that WORKS to tackle an old problem all the obese people faces. This programme is a combination of providing you with food education and a unique approach to cheating.

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The author of this diet program “Cheat your way thin”, Joel Marion who has been working in this industry for many years, devoted 73 months to come up with this revolutionary diet system. He has over 300 medical research studies and a huge amount of real life success stories to support his system. In his findings, Joel Marion makes some interesting and eye opening comments, among which are:

1. His extensive research indicates that there is a direct correlation between the starvation mode mechanisms and carbohydrate intake. A week of restricted diet will kick start a human body into a starvation mode. Thus as soon as you start restricting carbohydrates, your body’s metabolism will slow down. Hence no matter how hard you try to lose weight, it will not so get you anywhere.
2. However, you can increase your metabolism by up to 20% simply by restructuring your diet, at the same time enjoying your favorite foods and at the same time , are able to lose fats at a rapid rate.
3. By strategically schedule your exercise regime around your “cheat times” you could attain 2 the amount of fat loss with the same amount of effort.

Hence, if you are serious about shedding some hateful fats, I recommend you to seriously cheat your way to achieve a lean body you yearn!

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