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Burn Calories and Lose Weight Fast - Tips to Burn Calories and Lose Weight Fast?

8/19 9:38:02

If you are like me, you may be desperate to regain your lost self confidence back by losing unwelcome fat from your body. You may be fed up of not being able to lose even an ounce of excess weight, no matter what you have been doing up to now.

You are eagerly waiting the day when you could walk up to your loved ones with a lean body, oozing with confidence and self esteem. But you may be lost and not knowing what to do in order to achieve your weight loss goal.

Even though Weight loss is not easy, it is not impossible, if you stick to a plan and continue with it until you see some change. We, human beings are naturally fearful of change. This is a major reason why most of us can't lose weight fast. Our unconscious has some unknown reason to hold on to our present weight and not let it go. It can be fear of change or some other fear that most of us aren't aware consciously. Whatever the reason is, it has a great influence on our efforts in losing weight fast. If we did not have any unconscious fear of losing weight, then all of us would naturally lose weight fast as it is our natural state of being.

For instance, have you seen over weight dogs? or cats? If by any chance it is very rare. A lean body is our natural state of being like all other animals. But since we have been driven away from nature and living an artificial life we have all this social problems which most of other animals don't have.

So any move to lose weight fast has to begin with the correct mind set. You should believe that you can lose excess weight fast and should develop a positive mind set towards your goal.

Burning calories is essential in losing weight fast. Actually weight loss simply is to burn more calories than you take in. Herein are some tips on burning calories and losing weight fast.

Eat Small Portions of Food- When you eat small portions your body has more energy to break them down and your metabolism is much more effective when you eat small portions.

Move Your Body More Often- Body movement is essential in burning calories. Even small movements are very effective in this regard. Just standing up and stretching, using the staircase instead of a lift, pacing up and down is very effective.

Eat Fat to Burn Fat- Healthy fat is essential for our bodies to perform its daily chorus. Fats like Flax seed oil, Olive oil, Salmon, Avocado, are healthy. These fats increase the calorie burning potential.

Drink Cold Water- Drinking cold water whenever possible is a great way in burning calories. Your body will burn more calories in trying to raise the water temperature to the body temperature.

Exercising with Weights- Doing exercises with small weights like dumbbells is very effective. Just 15-20 minutes a day, 3-4 days a week would be sufficient. Lifting weights will build muscle tissue. Muscle tissues are very active metabolically. These tissues burn calories even at rest. So it helps to burn more calories than normal exercises.

Try Taking 1/2 Teaspoon of Cinnamon per Day- Cinnamon is found to raise your metabolic rate and keep your blood sugar levels in balance. Try it. It has two health benefits in one.

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