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Exercise Myths Debunked - Lose Weight Now

8/19 9:37:56

When starting a new diet we are constantly bombarded with advice from everyone. Who to believe and what to eat? One piece of advice seems to contradict another. Here are four lose weight myths that I have personally debunked.

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Believing all you hear
For every message about what to do to lose weight there is a counter message that gives the opposite advice. If a message seems too good to be true, it probably is. No one food source is either 'good or 'bad,' it is how the foods are combined, and the quantities you eat, that will determine your long-term health and weight. Do not let sensational headlines talk you out of understanding the need for long-term healthy eating plans and regular physical activity.

Cutting out milk
Milk and other dairy foods can be high in fat, but with more and more low-fat and fat-free variants available, this is no excuse for avoiding this important food group. Milk is a good source of protein, but it is also the best source of calcium in the diet. Recent research has shown that including dairy products in the diet can help you to lose weight.

Lunch box savvy
Chances are that if you have to buy your lunch at work you will be getting more fat and salt than recommended, and less fibre. Some places do have healthier options, but these are often limited in choice, or very expensive. Taking a lunch box to work is the best option for most people.

Setting goals and evaluating results
Losing weight and keeping it off entails correcting those habits that made you put on weight in the first place. You probably know what they are and what you should do about it. Use this information to set yourself realistic behavior altering goals, and a time frame for when you will monitor your success.

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Know your vital statistics
Knowing your vital statistics (blood pressure, cholesterol level and general health status) gives you advance warning to take action to improve your health before serious consequences develop. It is not only the measurements at a given point in time that is important, it is the trend over time that counts. Set yourself an annual date for a thorough check-up, and make a note of the stats. Ask your doctor to indicate which are risky and need to be monitored, and which need immediate attention. Learn what you can do to keep your stats out of the danger zone.

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Believing everything you hear - harmful Cutting out milk - harmful Not thinking about a lunch box - harmful Setting realistic behavior change goals and evaluating the result - helpful Knowing your vital statistics - helpful
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