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Dieting Before An Event - Keys To Your Success!

8/19 9:37:24

I want to challenge how you think about dieting before an event. Whether it's your wedding or maybe a class reunion, dieting before an event is both understandable and important. However, the very concept of dieting before an event has two big but fixable flaws.

1) Who are you losing the weight for? There is only one acceptable answer to this question, and that is you and no one else! Any answer other that you, just will not succeed. Dieting for an event implies your primary reason for losing weight is for the approval of those that will be at the event and not for you. Losing weight for you is the ultimate act of caring for yourself. Don't lose weight for anyone but you...not your husband, your wife, your former classmates, etc. Start by losing weight because you care enough for you that you want yourself to feel better and live longer!

2) The phrase your "going on a diet" implies the weight loss will be temporary. Let's assume you prefer to lose the weight forever and not be on a "lose the weight - gain the weight" yo-yo. To accomplish this you don't need a diet! You need an eating plan that teaches you how to lose the weight and keep it off forever. This is a life style, not a her today, gone tomorrow diet.

Is there an eating plan to get you to and keep you at a healthier weight? Yes! It's safe and will result in you losing 2+ pounds of pure fat per week. In fact I have seen many people lose more than 2+ pounds of pure fat per week using my Strip That Fat plan. This is a real and comprehensive battle plan that anyone can follow and be successful at.

Here are a few pearls from my Strip That Fat program to help you right now:

Eat 5 small meals a day (300-400 calories) Women 1,800 calories per day max; Men 2,000 calories max Drink one protein shake a day (max 300 calories) Eat at least every 4 hours while awake each day. Avoid getting hungry. Hunger slow calorie burn to a crawl. Healthy snacks are key.  Drink at least 64 ounces of water a day Get at least 7-8 hours sleep a day 

It's not that tough but to succeed you need a comprehensive, real world game plan. To avoid dieting for an event you need a plan that explains things in easy to understand English, is realistic, has menu suggestions and includes a basic exercise plan. For quick results (within a week) click here for more on Strip That Fat....your passport to losing the fat once and for all.           

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