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Starting Your Day And Diet With A Good Breakfast

8/19 9:36:46

I am sure you have heard that having a good breakfast is the most important meal. Breakfast is important whether you are on a diet or not. The first meal of the day is what gets you going and will keep you from eating a much larger and calorie loaded meal later in the day.

Most people will have a cup of coffee possibly a bowl of cereal and call that a breakfast. This meal is the most important and is usually the least planned or thought of meal of the day. Most meals that include a bowl of cereal or toast with butter and jelly fall far short of what your body needs to get the going for the day. Most of the breakfast meals are loaded with simple carbs that will spike your sugar and give you a feeling of being full and satiated. This will end shortly and you will start craving for a snack and lack the energy your body needs to continue the morning.

Your breakfast should be planned like the other meals and be packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients that the body needs. You are fueling your mind and body for the day and gi9ving it the energy that it needs to function. If you exercise first thing in the morning try to plan your meal later in the morning at least a hour after working out. You want your body to use the stored energy in the fat reserves rather than the food you are about to eat.

You want to eat enough nutrients to get your body moving. You have not eaten since the day before and your body is now ready to use the morning meal to get it going. You need to get the body the food it needs so it can run efficiently in the first part of the day. You want to eat enough food at breakfast so you do not get hungry soon after the breakfast meal. By having a small breakfast you set your self up to eating snacks that can through off your diet or weight loss plan.

There are a few advantages to having a good nutritious breakfast which has fiber and complex carbs along with the vitamin and minerals. One of these is that studies have shown that the mind is much more alert and memory retention is much better with a balanced breakfast. You are less likely to be hyperactive and depressed if you have a balanced meal. It will also start your daily diet off with you not thinking about food or have hunger pangs early in the day.

By having a good meal at breakfast it will also help your immune system. It gives your body and the immune system all the nutrients it needs to fight off colds and flu's as you begin your day. By eating properly and balanced it reduces your risk to heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Your body needs the nutrients in a balanced breakfast so it can fight off hunger pangs and start the day with enough energy to get you going.

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