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The Hcg Diet, Direct To You

8/19 9:36:19

You have probably heard that it can be difficult to obtain the HCG diet, direct legally without a prescription. If you are trying to obtain injectable HCG, this is true. However, HCG drops are easily and legally obtained from a variety of reliable sources, you just need to do some research beforehand to be sure of what you are getting.

Finding the Best Sources

We should start out with some "non-examples."

Injectable HCG is not the best, if you are using this as a weight loss remedy. Fertility clinics use this form frequently to treat couples who are having difficulty conceiving. It has long been proven effective in stimulating a woman's egg production and increasing men's testosterone levels.

In truth, injectable HCG works just as well as a weight loss remedy. The main problem is that it is not legal for individuals to obtain syringes without a doctor's prescription. There are a very few weight loss clinics in the U.S. that offer HCG injections, but they are very expensive and their weight loss treatment is not covered by most "insurance."

You will probably find many Internet sources that offer this form of HCG. However, these are from unregulated labs in Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand and other countries in which the homeopathic remedy industry has little oversight. Some of these labs may indeed provide a quality product, but you have no real assurance of this – and then, there is the problem of syringes.

Anyway, do you really want to impale yourself every day?

Getting It Locally

HCG drops that are readily available in the U.S. are manufactured by professional laboratories located in Colorado, Missouri and elsewhere in the country. A manufacturer of homeopathic remedies is not only subject to FDA regulations (which include who is allowed to work at such labs), but also the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States (HPUS). This is a set of standards that the products of such labs must meet – and is your assurance of quality and effectiveness.

While you should research any company offering HCG drops thoroughly, there are some good indications on the website that will tell you whether or not your source is reputable. One is the Better Business Bureau Online icon. The other is the Trust-E logo. These tell you that the company adheres to certain standards, and is committed to keeping your personal information secure.

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