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Resetting Your Metabolism One Hcg Treatment At A Time

8/19 9:35:05

What can the HCG treatment clearly do for you?  Almost every weight loss product on the market claims to be able to do everything that any overweight adult wants to hear.  Eventually after time wasted and money spent, consumers ask plainly, "What can your product really do for me?"

Understanding your body size
Our bodies are high tech information storing miracles.  From the moment that we exercise the freedom to eat when and what we want, the process of recording begins.

Take a look at all those old pictures of yourself, maybe you weighed less than you do now, but your BMI was probably the same.  Because our bodies learn from our eating habits, what we digest is how we tell ourselves that we are comfortable with our body weight.

That means that even though you may mentally want to change your body image, what your body believes truer is that you want to remain comfortable because of the eating habits you practice.

One of the first things that Oral HCG does is attack that practice by guiding you along the HCG diet plan.  Removing fatty foods and high calorie intake is an important trigger to activate in order to show your body that you really mean business about changing your size.

Learn to lose control in order to lose weight
As a mechanism of survival, the hypothalamus helps control the amount of fat we have stored in our bodies.

One of the last things that we are able to do internally is starve.  At every meal and in each snack, our body grabs calories.  Those that are not burned are stored, and put away for later use.  At the very instant that available calories grow low, an alarm goes off alerting us to eat so that we don't have to use those stored calories.

The HCG treatment helps to change that control level by releasing the hold your body has had on years of stored calories that have turned into body fat.

As the fat is released and becomes available for calorie burn, the body begins to accept the process as a healthy natural function.

The starting point for healthy living
After your body starts releasing stored fat, and limited access to calories is provided by the HCG diet plan, the question is not "will you lose weight?" It's, "How much weight will you lose?"

Depending on your starting weight, you could lose five pounds during the first week or maybe ten.  When a 26-day program is chosen, you just might lose up to 26 pounds. The point is that with your metabolism reset you are finally losing weight.

Remember, your body is constantly recording your eating habits as a way of regulating what weight you should maintain.  So choose your meals carefully even after your weight loss program has ended.  Because every day is a starting point for healthy living.

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