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How To Use The Link Between Eating Raw Foods And Weight Loss

8/19 9:35:02

To put it quite briefly and to the point, research is showing that as a dietetic choice for losing weight, raw vegan daily menus are the most effective for nutrition while shedding the pounds.




Well, simply because they are the most natural, most biologically safe and the most efficient for bringing about weight loss and a simultaneous detoxification.


Now, with the several people in the United States today who are obese and overweight, and with the failure of several so called weight loss programs out there, it should be no wonder that several people are perhaps discovering the link between raw vegan eating habits and shedding pounds.


That stated, when eating foods for health, they can be classified as follows:



1. Sweet Fruits: Tropical Fruits, Dates, Persimmons, Sweet Grapes

2. Acid Fruits: Lemons, Citrus, Tomatoes.

3. Sub-Acid Fruits: Apples, Pears, Tart Grapes

4. Melons

5. Fatty Fruits: Avocadoes, Durian



1. Lettuce and Celery

2. Non-Starchy Greens: Spinach, Cabbage,

3. Fruit Vegetables: Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Bell Peppers

4. Root Vegetables: Carrots, Celeriac


The items above (vegetables...that is) comprise items you will see on a list of raw low carbohydrate foods.


Nuts and Seeds.


These items above are what advocates of the drug-free fraternity push as the most effective for overcoming obesity, while simultaneously improving health, this owing to the broom-like quality of these items when it comes to clearing out the colon and visceral organs of the body.


Moreover, combined with adequate exercise, when intertwining the items above with attempts at shedding pounds, one is definitely bound to see a marked degree of success and suffice it to say any one doing using such a radical approach is surely on his or her way to bountiful health.


To Health.

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