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The 3 Phases Of Hcg Treatment Explained

8/19 9:35:01

The HCG treatment program is divided into 3 distinct phases. Each phase is integral preparing or stimulating weight loss in each individual dieter. Therefore, it is not recommended that you stray from the protocol and skip some phases or shorten or lengthen others.

This article will cover the 3 phases of the HCG weight loss cure as developed by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons. If you are following the protocol set forth by Kevin Trudeau, there is a preparatory detox phase which is covered in-depth in his book, The Weight Loss Cure, but we will not go into it in this particular article.

Phase 1: Loading and the VLCD

The first phase of Dr. Simeon's protocol involves preparing the body for weight loss and then jump starts weight loss with an extremely restricted calorie diet. For the first two days of the plan, dieters are asked to eat as much high-fat food as they can, just to the point of satiety.

This primes the body for the changes it will encounter on the very low calorie diet (VLCD) and gives dieters the chance for one last "hurrah" before embarking on the most restricted phase of the plan. After the two loading days, dieters restrict their caloric intake to 500 per day, with an emphasis on lean meats, fresh fruits, and vegetables. This phase should last approximately 25 days, including the two load days.

Phase 2: Intermittent Maintenance

This second phase of the plan prepares you, both emotionally and physically, for entering maintenance, but it does still limit the foods you eat. You will continue to take your hormonal supplements during this time, and carbohydrates with a high glycemic index (such as starches and sugars) are still frowned upon.

Dieters should stay on this phase for at least 21 days, allowing their bodies to make the transition. This phase also eases dieters out of the VLCD and hopefully into a diet still free from processed foods.

Phase 3: Final Maintenance

During this phase, you will get back into "the real world," and slowly incorporate high glycemic carbohydrates back into your diet while keeping an eye on the scale. You will use all the methods you learned in the other phases of the diet, such as portion control and healthy diet choices, in this part of the plan. This is truly the part of the plan that is no longer a diet, but a lifestyle.

If you plan to do another round of reduction after this phase, you should remain in maintenance for about three weeks before proceeding with Phase 1 again.

Following the phases exactly will give you the behavioral changes as well as the physical and biochemical changes that will cause permanent weight loss. It is worth committing wholeheartedly to the plan to reap the life-changing benefits you will receive.

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