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Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review - What Is Fat Loss For Idiots And How Does It Work?

8/19 9:31:21

Are you trying to lose some weight and you heard about the Fat Loss for Idiots program? Are you tempted to try calorie shifting but you are not sure if it works and you still have a few doubts on how the program works? Let's take a look together at the program and see how exactly works. I'll try to answer the most common questions about this program and to give you an honest review. It's difficult to decide whether something is worth or not when it's still new on the market, like Fat Loss for Idiots. Read my review and prepare yourself to lose weight and to look great.

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The most common thing people want to know when coming across a diet program is the exact way in which the program works. When talking about Fat Loss for Idiots the way it works is very easy to be explained. The base of the program is the calorie shifting theory. You are going to lose weight by optimizing your metabolism. The calorie shifting theory states that the reason for your weight gain is not a large calorie intake, but a slow metabolism. If you can find a way to accelerate it, you will start losing weight. This is what calorie shifting does. When you keep eating the same things for a long period of time your metabolism slows and you gain weight. By applying the calorie shifting theory you'll give your metabolism a boost.

You are probably wondering how calorie shifting accelerates your metabolism. In any given day you are not allowed to eat the same thing twice, so the metabolism can't get accustomed with what comes next and can't slow down.

Another common question regards the duration of the diet. You first have to keep it for 11 days. This is called a cycle. You will make a three days break and then you can repeat the cycle again. Depending on how much weight you wish to lose, you can repeat the cycle more than once if necessary. Sometimes just one is enough to achieve the desired weight.

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