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Make Metabolism Faster

8/19 9:30:45

You want to lose weight, and you think that by speeding up your metabolism, you can do that? Well, you're absolutely right. To make metabolism faster, there are a couple effective steps you can take. Let's take a look why they work first, and then dive into exactly what steps to take.

Resting Metabolic Rate

One way to make metabolism faster is to work out. While burning calories during the workout is nice, picking a workout that your metabolism for the rest of the day is nicer!

Also, the calories from food don't just magically transfer to your belly, they have to be digested and extracted. Digestion burns up calories, and this is called the thermic effect of food. A great way to increase your metabolism is by eating the right foods at the right times.

When Should I Eat?

1. You should eat breakfast. Always. No exceptions. Every day. Why? Because while you're sleeping, your metabolism drops. The easiest way to pick it up in the morning is to grab some breakfast.

2. Eat small meals often. Every 2.5 - 3 hours. The thermic effect increases when all your meal's calories are burned. When you eat less often, some of it is stored as fat.

What Should I Eat?

Protein. The thermic effect of protein is much higher than carbohydrates or fat. A balanced diet is still very important. However, to really make metabolism faster, you need to have protein in every meal.

What Kind Of Exercises Should I Do?

Weight Training. It is important to combine weight training, interval training, and aerobics into a full exercise plan to lose weight. But out of all of these, weight training increases your resting metabolic rate the most. It causes a long, steady afterburn that can last over a day after you're done working out.

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