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Don't Starve! Eat A Healthy And Safe Diet Instead

8/19 9:30:13

Many people think of weight loss as feeling hungry day in and day out. They are hesitant about even trying a new weight loss plan in fear of feeling hungry.

Many times people will opt to stay overweight rather than go hungry. I think this way. I enjoy eating, so I would not dream of being starved just to be thinner. How much fun would life be hungry all the time?

Our natural senses signal us to eat food when hunger strikes. Hunger is just the body's way of telling us we need to eat. It tells the body that trouble is near and that it should intake food. Our instinct to protect ourselves makes us eat anything and everything we can find sometimes to get rid of feeling starved.

The body we have does not understand that food is plentiful where we live today. A survival instinct kicks in like back when we hunted for what we ate. It is smart to listen to this instinct because it keeps us from starving.

News flash, you don't have to starve or be hungry to shed pounds. You can eat meals regularly to keep yourself completely full; in fact you will stay on a diet plan that does this until you reach the weight loss goal. Controlling your hunger will prevent you from eating too much. This way you will not feel frustrated, out of control, or miserable.

Start eating about 5 to 6 meals that are smaller frequently during the day in place of the standard 3 meals. If you go for long stretches between meals then when the food is placed in front of you, you are so starved that you eat uncontrollably. Eating meals that are smaller in size allow you to stay full, which can help you control yourself more.  

Don't ever miss meals. People do this thinking they will lower their intake of calories, but the reverse actually occurs. Due to being too long without food you wind up making up for it anyway somewhere later on the same day. Your metabolism will also slow down with skipping meals because your body thinks it has had all the calories it needs. This is how the body survives because it burns a lower amount of calories.

Another tip is slow down eating. The body does not tell itself it is full for about 20 minutes. When you eat too fast you can eat way too many calories before your body signals that it is full, because it is still saying it is hungry. Before you know you're full you are actually too full because of overeating. But when you slowly enjoy your meal, then your brain has a chance to signal your body that it is full, and it is time to quit eating before you over consume.

Don't ever starve your body just to lose some pounds. It is so unnecessary. Educate yourself to the fact that you do not have to feel hunger to lose weight.

Shedding pounds in a way that is healthy can be done without deprivation and starving yourself. Losing weight this way is more long lasting, because doing it the healthy way helps your keep the excess weight off.

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