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Deadly Weight Loss Mistakes That You Should Never Make! Don't Miss This At Any Cost

8/19 9:29:55

Sometimes desperation to lose weight makes one do all the wrong things that culminate in failure to lose weight. Everyone who is overweight would naturally want to shed the pounds overnight! One should realize that losing weight is not an overnight job and will take its due course.

Don't be tempted to try out "crash" diets.
These are just fad diets that will excite you with promised results. In actuality you might find that it does nothing other than empty your pockets! Diet pills and other drugs sold over the counter may be tempting but are appetite suppressants and thyroid hormones that supposedly increase your metabolism. These have a lot of unpleasant side effects that can be dangerous.

Don't stop exercising.
People either stop exercising because they see no "immediate" results or they feel they have reached the ideal weight. Either way you are not going to be successful in losing weight. Giving up half way will make you even more depressed and cause you to overeat to make up for the weeks you controlled your diet, and stopping your exercise will make you lazy and obesity can creep in.

Don't skip your meals.
Your body needs the right amount of nutrition for growth and development of cells and repair of tissues etc. Starving yourself to cut down calories will only make you weak and listless. The trick is to control the calories. You can do this by cutting down on certain foods that add calories. Include fiber rich foods and avoid food like honey, dried fruits and processed sugar items that helps in storing body fat.

Don't lose hope.
Many people who start out on a diet and exercise regime feel disillusioned and hopeless when they see no apparent change in weight. This makes them try out new things every day in the hope of a miracle. Be consistent and determined to carry out the routine relentlessly. Sooner or later you are bound to reap the benefits of hard work!

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