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Vegetarian Weight Loss - 1 Tip for Vegetarians to Break Weight Loss Plateau

8/19 9:27:14

Including whole food in your vegetarian diet does help you lose weight. However, up to certain degree only. Why do I say that? There are overweight vegetarians who managed to lose 20 - 40 pounds, and they stop there. They need to shed more belly fat but no matter what they do (according to what they said) they just couldn't lose more stomach fat. Obviously, they're not achieving effective vegetarian weight loss. So, what goes wrong?

Why Can't Vegetarians Lose More Weight?

Imagine you eat vegetarian food and you only include legumes, fruits, nuts and seeds, and other whole natural food, except vegetable, in your daily meal plans, how on earth can your body ever get a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and various other nutrients to function at its max, even though you're eating somewhat natural and healthy foods?

A vegetarian friend came to me some months ago and she looked great (to me) by getting from 240 pounds down to 180 pounds (wow, loss of 60 pounds ever since she started vegetarian). I thought she was doing well in her vegetarian weight loss but then she told me she had been struggling with losing more weight to get to her desired body weight (120 pounds), but no matter what she does, she seems to hit a weight loss plateau.

She further told me she ate lots of good stuff and took very minimal amount of junk snacks (well, it won't hurt you that much if you really take very little junk food once in a blue moon).

Ok, I was getting baffled until she added, "But… I didn't take veggies, because I can't stand the green smell and imagining biting them in my mouth makes me feel yucky! Oh I did add some little peas here and there at times because they're more bearable and smaller in size, so when mix with other food I don't really notice their presence."

You see where her problem lies? She didn't take a good amount of veggies.

Simple Solution to Break Weight Loss Plateau

I then advised her to increase her veggie intake if she seriously wants to break her weight loss plateau as a vegetarian. I know she doesn't like the smell and taste of veggies, so I gave her a tip that will reduce the veggie taste and smell yet she can still absorb the goodness of veggies - blend veggies into her fruit smoothie. Here's the recipe:

- 2 cups of broccoli

- 1 carrot

- 2 bananas

- 1 mango

- 1 cup of strawberries

- 1 cup of water

I tell you, this recipe is very filling because of its high dietary fiber. You can eat it as a whole meal for your breakfast. And you should change the ingredients every day so you'll get a balance of various nutrients from different mixture of food. Let your creative juices flow.

Guess what? 2 weeks later she screamed at me as if I've done something wrong, "I lost another 3 pounds after taking more veggies". Another 2 weeks later, "Your method really worked!"

Well, it's not my method works. It's the veggies at work. If you've not been taking lots of veggies, get a start from today, and you'll burn more belly fat and lose more weight the vegetarian way.


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