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Get Into Better Shape And Better Health With A Proper Weight Loss Plan

8/19 9:26:53

If you've had trouble losing excess weight yourself, you already know how hard burning off those calories and getting to your ideal weight can be. The health hazards associated with being overweight are well known; and not only does carrying extra pounds mean poor health, but also a much higher risk of dying prematurely. However, with the best weight loss plan, you can get in shape and reduce these risks.

Excess weight carries with it a higher risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and certain types of cancer, among other health risks. Realizing how dangerous being overweight can be may be just the wakeup call you need to get into better health.

For every extra pound you carry, your heart has to work all that much harder to deliver oxygen and nutrients to this added tissue. As a result, your heart has to circulate blood at a higher pressure - and with this higher pressure comes all of the risks that accompany this condition.

Being overweight is also one of the most common causes of type 2 diabetes. While this was once a disease which was normally seen only in adults, it has become increasingly common in children as a result of the rise in childhood obesity. Carrying around extra weight can lead to insulin resistance, which leads to diabetes - in case you're not familiar with insulin, it's the hormone which is responsible for regulating blood sugar levels.

Sleep apnea is something else that can be caused by being overweight - it's a condition characterized by brief lapses in breathing during sleep. Sleep apnea disrupts sleep patterns, leading the sufferer to feel fatigued during the day. Generally, people with this condition snore loudly. In addition to being overweight, high blood pressure can also lead to sleep apnea.

Excess weight can pose a particular hazard to women, with the chances of suffering from uterine, breast or colon cancer being significantly higher in overweight women. By losing weight in a healthy way, you can greatly reduce your risk of cancer and other diseases and extend your lifespan significantly.

Coming up with a weight loss diet plan which is tailored to you as an individual can help you to fight back against obesity and reduce the health risks which come along with being overweight. It's better and healthier to lose weight gradually than it is to try to lose it all at once with one of the many fad diets out there. When you lose weight gradually, it's generally as the result of making healthy lifestyle changes instead of following yo yo diets which result in quick weight loss, only to lead to more weight gain down the road.

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