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Here's Your Simple Plan to Lose Tummy Fat

8/19 9:26:12

We all know that tummy fat is not the prettiest thing to look at; it is basically additional fat that we are dragging about with us and has little or no purpose. It serves no beneficial use, and it is our own fault that we are hauling it about. Unfortunately that statement is straight to the point and probably true.

One thing in our favour here is that we are conscious and responsible for having the fat. No one compelled us to eat the wrong type of foods or drink the wrong types of beverages. With this in mind then perhaps we can do a reverse and get rid of the tummy fat by attempting to modify our lifestyle somewhat. Before we attempt to get rid of this unwanted mass, let us come to reality with the obvious.

The amount of energy that we ingest each day must be less than the amount of energy that we actually consume each day. If our intake is less than what we expend, then the energy shortfall will be taken from our stored body fats. Pretty simple explanation, now let us put it together and start the action.

Your metabolism is another factor that's important for getting rid of tummy fat. We can accelerate the metabolic rate by carrying out a couple of key things. To lose tummy fat, here are the essential steps we need to take:

1.  Exercising - this places great tension and stress on the body and speeds up the metabolism for several hours after the workout. Exercise often, start by walking, progress into jogging, then running and now get to the gym and start lifting those weights. We need to perform these workouts 3 to 4 times a week and you will soon realize that your tummy fat is being removed.

2.  Eat meals frequently - If we eat sparingly we are basically programming our body that food is in scarce supply and it must look after the food that it currently has thereby keeping us in the survival mode. It automatically lowers our body's metabolic rate and burning fat is reduced. So eat regularly at least 3 to 4 times per day but keep it light, eat until you are almost satisfied. Avoid eating fast foods, cakes and similar foods, use common sense here. Lots of fruit and veggies and drink lots of cold water.

There is no magic cure here we need to keep up the pressure on getting rid of our tummy fat. It did not arrive overnight so we must not expect it to depart overnight, it will take time and the time it takes will be directly proportional to the effort, and in some cases the sacrifices, we make to reach our goal. Remember it is wise to consult your Doctor prior to starting any exercise and diet regimen.

Let us look at what we need to do to lose tummy fat.

The first thing we need to do is to adapt a positive attitude towards losing the fat and then put a plan together and get started. Get on the scales and weigh ourselves, take out the tape measure and take the belly measurement then set a goal as to how much we want this reduced. This is important, because we cannot reach the finish line if we do not know where we started.

Why not take a photograph of yourself before you start the plan? Put it where you can see it every day. Maybe the Refrigerator or the bathroom mirror. This will keep you focused on your plan.

With the measurements in place and the goals set it is time to get started and we are heading out for a walk followed by a light meal. Eat 3 or 4 light meals a day and drink plenty of cold water. As time goes on, progress from walking to jogging then from jogging to running and do this as often as time permits. Get the gym work started and if possible consult a personal trainer and let him/her put together a workout program for you.

We must keep at it and in time our efforts will be rewarded by us feeling great and looking so much better.

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