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The Highest Calorie Burning Exercise

8/19 9:25:50

Many people in sports that carry very heavy with a very high intensity to achieve ideal weight distribution. No wonder that today many people are obsessed, to obtain the ideal weight. This is because the awareness of people to live a healthy lifestyle. Before body fat is often interpreted as a healthy body, but this time with the technological advances in medicine, it is known that body fat is a nest of diseases. Therefore, increasingly seek to achieve the ideal weight training hard.

In fact, at the desired weight and body shape ideals, do not need a hard drive, but a very intelligent approach. The point is to recognize what are the different types of sports that our needs and what are the different types of exercises burn the calories faster. Of course, for maximum efficiency.

There are several types of sports that give the effect of reducing calories is growing rapidly. But before opting for a sport, it is also necessary to consult with a physical trainer or your doctor to determine the proper exercise according to your physical condition and needs. And do not forget to warm it up so that it carried no injuries during the implementation of a training session.
exercise can burn 450 calories in 30 minutes and can continue to lead to the health of the heart. By race, the heart's activity, while pumping blood and the lungs also actively attract more oxygen to the heart is getting more oxygen. The disadvantage of this issue, the circulation in the lower half of the body to increase, while the upper body to be more static. Balanced, while jogging, mix with hand movements.

Swim-Swam can burn 360 calories for half an hour. Swimming movements as a uniform motion exercises for the body, via the body below.

Bicycle-This recreational sport is easier and more pleasant to burn calories. In cycling, you can burn calories, 300-400, depending on the speed of your pedal. But these sports have less traffic on the upper body exercises.

Boxing-Want something else? Try this sport. For many people one of the boxing sport is still dominated by men. Boxing or kickboxing can cause your regular body is in motion. trained automatically or by pressing the foot, the muscles are also the upper body and lower body. A simple movement such as a small crack in the boxes also plays a role in the body to burn calories. In addition, boxing and trains concentration, instincts, reflexes and speed. Half an hour of boxing can burn 324 calories per calories.

Tennis-Tennis is a sport, great results to burn calories, can be in a relatively short time. tennis training can burn for 30 minutes 250-300 calories.

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