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Body Fat Melt It Away Fast This Fat Loss Workout Will Do It

8/19 9:25:41

Interval training I love it. Great workouts for getting the whole body involved for fat burning and lean muscle gains. But when it comes to the fat loss side of interval training what is one of the most recommended exercises? Sprints.  And with good reason. They work.

I have a confession to make. I hate to run. I mean I really hate it. Some kind of mental block or something I guess(maybe all those laps we had to run for high school football who knows).

So what's the alternative? Interval training complexes. Also known as circuit training, giant sets etc.

So what's a good way of improving your fat burning and cardio conditioning?  Can we do interval training without running? Sure do it in the weight room using interval training complexes.

Interval training is done by doing two or more exercises in a sequence with the same weight (you can also use bodyweight only(check the video at the end of the article), kettlebells, sandbags etc but here I'm talking about using weights). You complete all your reps with one exercise first, then complete all your reps with the next exercise. As an example: When combining a squat with an overhead press, perform 5 reps of squats first, then 5 reps of overhead press without dropping the bar.

Seriously doing interval training complexes demands a ton of work and intensity. Here's an example:

Complex One

•Deadlift – 6 reps
•Romanian Deadlift – 6 reps
•Bent Over Row – 6 reps
•Power Clean – 6 reps
•Front Squat – 6 reps
•Push Press – 6 reps
•Back Squat – 6 reps
•Good Morning – 6 reps
Complex Two

•Snatch Grip Deadlift – 6 reps
•Snatch Pull – 6 reps
•Upright Row – 6 reps
•Power Snatch – 6 reps
•Reverse Lunge – 6 reps each leg
•Push Jerk – 6 reps
•Jump Squat – 6 reps
That's 8 exercises at 6 reps each. Each rep is performed with good control and flows directly into the next exercise without rest. At about 2 seconds per rep, this complex should only take about 96 seconds. The key is to just keep the bar moving.

After each complex we rest for 90 seconds and repeat for four complexes

The entire "interval training complexes" program as described will take about twelve minutes.

•Week one: 4 circuits x 6 reps 90s rest
•Week two: 4 circuits x 6 reps 75s rest
•Week three: 4 circuits x 6 reps 60s rest
•Week four: 4 circuits x 6 reps 45s rest
•Week five: 5 circuits x 6 reps 90s rest
•Week six: 5 circuits x 6 reps 75s rest, etc.

Don't underestimate this type of training. Interval training complexes can be grueling. This eight-movement complex x 6 reps has a total volume of 48 reps per set! At only 100 pounds on the bar, that comes out to 4800 pounds of total work per set. So in terms of density, we're looking at over twenty thousand pounds of total work in, by week four, less than 10 minutes.

That will help melt the fat off the body without having to resort to lighter weights in the workouts or be seen pounding the pavement and will reap its rewards in conditioning and fat loss. Interval training complexes are an excellent fat loss tool for any athlete needing to preserve muscle and strength while dropping fat.

So there you have a better (in my opinion) option to running. Don't get me wrong I know that doing sprints is a great way to lose fat, I'm not saying don't do it, if you like to do them more power to you.

 Interval training complexes….. Intense YES… Effective ABSOLUTLY.

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