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Cellulite Treatments - Discover The Basics

8/19 9:25:34

Cellulite is a skin condition, caused by abnormal connective tissue formation within the skin. It's important for sufferers to know that while this condition is treatable it is genetic and therefore you can rest easy. Many people and commercial cellulite treatments will claim cellulite gain on being overweight, when in fact slim people are just as prone to the skin condition.

Topical Treatments
There are many topical cellulite treatments on the market that will help significantly reduce/remove the appearance of cellulite on your body. Look for treatments with caffeine, as it has a dramatic effect on tightening the skin cells and reducing the criss-cross effect that takes place in cellulite formation. Finding a treatment that contains hyaluronic acids and coQ10 to heal damaged skin is also vital. Remember, cellulite is a deformation of your skin cells, which traps fat inside the cells instead of below them.

Lifestyle & Genetic Factors
While it's important not to blame weight gain on cellulite formation, it's just as important to remember that fat is a factor. The more fat stores you're able to burn off, the less overall cellulite you will have. For instance, someone with a very low body fat percentage will be less likely to have a large amount of cellulite on their body. However, if you have normal levels of body fat on your body, you're just as susceptible as someone who is slightly overweight. If you're prone to the condition, due to the genetic makeup of your skin cells then you can easily get cellulite.

*Try to exercise for thirty minutes (minimum) every day, eat healthy, consume lots of water, along with any other topical cellulite treatments you choose to utilize. Don't forget muscle building and/or toning exercises, as the more toned your muscles are; the more toned your skin will be.

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