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Tony Littles Gazelle Review

8/19 9:25:08

What are the drawbacks if any?

Tony Littles Gazelle Review

The world of exercise is filled with fancy machinery that promises you the world. Sometimes they deliver on those promises and sometimes they simply drain your pocketbook. That is why often times an honest review of products is helpful. Below you can find details on both the Gazelle Power Plus and the Edge. You can compare and contrast the two machines and make an informed decision on which one is right for you.

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- On board computer that gives you information on speed, distance, time, and caloric burn
- Split suspension that allows for a wider range of motion
-1.5 Gauge Steel ? 250 pound weight limit
-Non-skid platform
- Folds easily for storage
- Low Impact
- Smooth motion
- Quiet
- Appropriate for all ages and fitness levels
This simple machine gives you a low impact cardiovascular workout. Being low impact makes this machine a perfect choice for sufferers of knee and joint pain.

Power Plus-
- 8 Possible workouts
- Low Impact
- High tension aircraft cables and steel frame- weight limit 350 pounds
- Thumb pulse for heart rate monitoring
- On board computer gives you accurate time, speed, distance, and caloric burn
- Comes with video workout
- Water bottle holder/ TV remote holder
- Also has the split suspension for range of motion

Again a great machine for low impact cardio training. The main difference in these two machines is construction, weight limit and a few bells and whistles. Overall another good machine. However, what do customers have to say about the machines?

Customer Reviews

Edge- People who have purchased the Gazelle Edge are unanimous in their opinions. The machine is easy to assemble, fun to use and packs away simply. There was very little in the way of complaints, though it was mentioned that after some use there is a little noise. Most said that using wd-40 like the directions suggest takes care of this minor annoyance immediately. Of all the reviews, there was a 90% customer satisfaction rating that is decent for any product!

Power Plus- This machine had reviews similar to the cheaper Edge. Most were happy with the performance of the machine. Again, it was fun to use and beat having to deal with varying temperatures and weather. One satisfied customer shared that he was thankful for his machine after he was injured at work. He had a clean radial fracture of his fibula, but thanks to the low impact nature of the machine, he was able to maintain his workouts. Out of 31 reviews, only eight people had any significant complaints.

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When choosing between these two products there are really only two major differences, weight limit and heart rate monitor. The first of course demands attention; if you were over the weight limit, you would risk injury to yourself in addition to voiding any warranty. The second option of a heart rate monitor is more a matter of personal preference, however if you have a medical condition that requires you monitor your heart rate that is a different story.

The Edge it seems is the perfect machine for beginners. Low price and ease of use make it a perfect purchase for someone new to exercise or who is on a strict budget.

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