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How to Lose Weight Diet – 3 Easy Tips on a How to Lose Weight Diet

8/19 9:23:43

If you're embarking on a how to lose weight diet, you are probably confused by all the conflicting information out there.  Low-carb, low-fat, it seems there are endless diets to chose from.  Whatever method you use, here are 3 easy tips for your how to lose weight diet.


1. Find Simple Pleasures


This one doesn't have to do specifically with the foods you should be eating on your how to lsoe weight diet, but it is still important!  When you first change the way you eat, it is hard to avoid all those cravings for high-fat, high-sugar foods.


To alleviate these cravings, find simple things that you like to do or consume that won't conflict with your diet.  They could be a cup of nice coffee or tea, a hot shower, anything that you enjoy that does not involve calories.


2. Follow the 90% Rule


If you've planned your how to lose weight diet properly, you should be eating about 6 meals per day, every day, spaced evenly.  Therefore, you have 42 meals per week.  The difference in results between 90% and 100% adherence to your plan is minimal, so allow yourself to "cheat" on just 3-4 of those meals and have some not-so-great food.  Just don't go overboard!


3. Get Your Protein


Protein is the most important nutrient on a how to lose weight diet.  It helps you build lean muscle tissue, burn more body fat, and boost your metabolism.  Therefore, it should be the focus of each of your small, daily meals.  If you focus on a portion of lean protein combined with some whole grains and veggies, you can't go wrong!

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