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Low Fat Diet Plan – The Dangers of Low Fat Diet Plan!

8/19 9:23:41

If you're trying to lose excess body fat, you may have been thinking of using a low fat diet plan.  This could be one of the biggest mistakes for your body!  Here are a few reasons why you don't necessarily want to use a low fat diet plan to lose body fat.


1. Your Body Needs Fat!


You may not have heard, but there is no such thing as an "essential carb."  There is, however, such a thing as an essential fat.  One reason that a low fat diet plan can be detrimental to your health is that fats are essential for proper hormone function and even for losing fat!


The thing is that eating dietary fat does not necessarily lead to a gain in body fat.  You gain body fat by simply eating too many calories and by eating foods that have a strong tendency to be stored as fat.  Thus, a low fat diet plan could have you eating some of the very foods that make you fat!


2. Carbs can Lead to Fat Gain


You probably should not embark on a high-fat, Atkins-type diet, but a low fat diet plan is also not the way to go.  Another reason for this is that low fat diet plans often involve eating way too many carbs.


The thing with carbs is that even good, complex ones, eaten at the wrong times and in too high amounts, can cause your body to easily store fat.  Eating carbs raises your insulin levels, and when insulin is present in high amounts, your body is much more likely to send nutrients into fat cells, where you don't want them!


3. Protein is Essential


One of the drawbacks of a low fat diet plan is that they often fail to include ample protein.  You should be eating 5-6 small meals per day, each rich in lean protein.  However, even eating lean protein sources can lead to more fat than a low fat diet plan allows for.  This means you need to find a different plan!

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