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Maximum Fat Loss – 3 Things you Can do NOW for Maximum Fat Loss

8/19 9:23:36

If you're trying to achieve maximum fat loss, there are a number of things you need to get right with your diet and exercise program.  Here are 3 of the best, most effective, and easiest things you can do to achieve maximum fat loss.


1. Daily Walks


Simply walking may not seem like an effective tool for maximum fat loss, but it really is!  The thing is to do it at the right time under the right conditions for losing fat.  Try taking a brisk, 30-45 minute walk every morning before you eat anything.


When you first wake up, your body has no nutrients from food flowing through it.  This is thus the best time to directly burn body fat!  Without food to use for fuel, your body will have to use your excess stores for energy, leading to maximum fat loss.


2. Eat Protein Frequently


You may know that you need to eat 5-6 small meals per day for maximum fat loss, but the composition of these meals is just as important as their timing.  You probably realize you're not going to get where you want by eating 5-6 doughnuts per day, but do you really know what you should be eating?


The important thing is to eat a portion of lean protein at each of these meals.  This protein will boost your metabolism every time you eat it, and the energy it takes your body to digest is much great than that for fat or carbs.


3. Stop Drinking Calories!


If you're trying to achieve maximum fat loss but are still drinking sodas, sugary coffee drinks, and even milk or juice, stop now!  Simply cutting out drinkable sources of calories will bring down your daily total and help you lose fat immediately.  You can never achieve maximum fat loss while drinking these things!

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