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Pointers For Those Thinking About Going On Medifast: Tips On Getting Started

8/19 9:22:26

I often hear from folks who are getting ready to begin Medifast. They often ask me for tips or advice that will help them to have the greatest chance of success. Many are afraid that they are going to do something wrong. So, in the following article, I'll offer some tips that I wish I'd had when I first began Medifast.

Don't Wait For The Perfect Time To Get Started On Medifast: I sometimes hear from people who have actually ordered and received their food but admit that it's still sitting in the box, untouched. They tell me that they've been too busy, or too stressed, or too distracted. They worry that their mind set isn't correct or they haven't mastered the fine art of willpower yet.

I do understand these reservations, but I have to tell you, if you wait for the perfect time, the perfect mind set, or the perfect will power, you might be waiting a long time for a day that's never going to come. People who tell themselves that they'll start next week, next month or tomorrow often set themselves up to learn that they are always making excuses or muttering promises they don't come true. In short, you get used to (and come to expect) letting yourself down.

The way around this is to just jump in even if you don't feel that it's the perfect time. No diet ever goes perfectly. You're going to have some days where you cheat or doubt yourself. There will be days when the scale is not your friend. But, if you get started and plow though and continue going, you will see some success and you will be showing yourself that you make good on your promises. (And you might just be pleasantly surprised.)

The truth is there's never an ultimate time to start a diet. But starting a diet is the only way to loose weight on one. Don't allow excuses or delays to keep you from getting started in the first place.

Make Sure You Get Enough Of The Right Medifast Foods To See It Through: Although the literature says that you can lose 2 - 5 pounds per week (which I find the be pretty accurate,) most people will need to see cumulative affects to get all of the results they want. Think of it this way. Four weeks' worth of losing five pounds means a twenty pound weight loss.

But, some people will only order enough foods or snacks to last for a couple of days. This does allow for them to try the food, but their results don't have a chance to build on themselves while they are waiting for more food to arrive. It typically takes 3 days to a week to get into ketosis, and if you don't continue on with the low calories and low amount of carbohydrates, you run the risk of getting out of ketosis and having to wait to get back in.

Ordering a package can help you get around this. Most people will go with the monthly package that is most applicable to them. (There are many different types of women's and men's Medifast packages.) If you're not sure about committing to a month, they do have two week packages. But ordering only enough individual foods for a few days is probably not really showing you what to expect in terms of results. And packages usually allow you to take advantage of the best coupons anyway. There's nothing wrong with trying to save money when you're starting this diet. Always remember to enter the coupon codes before you hit submit.

Try Not To Worry Too Much About Being Perfect. Just Worry About Being Consistent On Medifast: The company is very good about giving you the information that you need to have success on Medifast. But, some of this information overload contributes to some people over thinking everything. I've seen people come up with charts and graphs. You really don't need to make it such hard work.

You only need to worry about choosing five Medifast meals each day and eating one "lean and green meal." You can prepare elaborate lean and green meals if you like, but you certainly don't have to. You can make a simple portion of protein with vegetables on the side. This can be a soup, stir fry, a more traditional meal, or something more creative.

Don't get so caught up in the details that you don't move forward with the basic plan. I used to worry so much about doing something wrong, but I eventually learned that there is a lot of room for error on Medifast. I've cheated, misunderstood, and made mistakes but still ultimately lost a good deal of weight in the end. As long as you try your best, stick to it as best you can, and continue to move forward, you should eventually see the results that you're looking for as ketosis takes hold and you begin to slowly establish new habits.

Lindsey Price is the author of the free ebook "Getting The Most Out Of Medifast," which includes coupons and discounts, recipes, a list of all of the foods and products, detailed information about the diet and how it works, it's pros and cons, and tips for having success on it. To get a free copy (immediate download/no information required), click here. You can also visit her diet review website at http://easiest-diet.com/

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