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Why Medifast Arguably Isn't A Liquid Only Diet

8/19 9:22:20

Since I've lost a lot of weight on medifast, I'm asked about my diet plan all the time. People want to know what medifast taste like, exactly how I lost all the weight, and basically what a typical day on the program is like. Surprisingly, a question I get a lot is how I am able to consume nothing but shakes. It seems many people are under the mistaken assumption that medifast is a liquid diet.

I am not completely sure where this assumption comes from. Yes, shakes are an option for a medifast meal. The shakes are tasty and filling and I can definitely see why someone would want to consume the shakes as a regular part of the program. However, most people on medifast are on the most popular five plus one plan. On this plan, you have a huge variety of both liquid and solid foods from which to choose. You're also encouraged to eat one regular, more substantial "lean and green meal" per day.

I suppose that someone could really enjoy the shakes and chose to consume just the shakes and then one lean and green meal. However, I'm sure this method would get old fast.

In researching for this article, I learned that there are some extremely obese individuals who had repeatedly failed on solid foods diets and therefore had decided to go on a medifast liquid diet, basically consuming between 400 and 800 calories per day by only drinking shakes. They intended to do this for three months and then return to a solid diet.

I could see where one might think that this liquid diet would lead to dramatic results, but I am living proof that using medifast as intended also yields dramatic results and has to be healthier for my body than only consuming shakes.

In a nutshell, medifast is extremely effective as designed. If you follow the program, you will lose weight. There is absolutely no need to get extreme and consume nothing but liquid. Plus, if you add even a small amount of movement or exercise to the diet, your results will come even faster. I'm living proof that you can absolutely eat solid foods on medifast and still have very dramatic, yet safe weight loss.

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