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How To Choose The Best Nutrisystem Meals And Foods For You

8/19 9:22:16

I sometimes hear from folks who are in the process of beginning Nutrisystem for the first time and want help in choosing the foods, packages, and meals with the best taste that would also be the best fit. So, in the following article, I'll go over some of the options you have during the process of choosing your foods and package on the Nutrisystem diet.

Choosing Your Nutrisystem Package: First, if you have any dietary limitations, you should know that choosing the right package might help you to get the foods that you want or need. For example, they have packages for vegetarians and diabetics. If you fall under either of these categories, choosing the appropriate package means that they take the inappropriate foods out of the equation. You'll only be given (or shown) the foods that are appropriate for you. This saves a lot of work, research, and time.

If you don't have any dietary restrictions and just want to order the basic package, you'll need to decide if you want to go for the 4 or 2 week package or if you're going to order the foods individually. (If you aren't sure if you'll be on the diet for a month or longer, I would suggest considering Nutrisystem flex rather than going with the a la carte or individual option as this is the cheapest package (although you get less food) and it usually works out to be more inexpensive than an a la carte order.)

Choosing Between The Nutrisystem Favorites Menu Or The Customized Menu: If you're not sure which foods you're going to like, the "favorites" menu provides a sampling of the most popular foods. For example, if you were to order the monthly basic favorites menu, you'd pretty much get one or two meals consisting of the diet's most popular options for each meal, dessert and snack. I just checked over the favorites menu and I have to say that they've included a very good selection of what I consider to be their most tasty foods.

But, if you suspect that you're going to like some foods and not others, then the customized menu may be the way to go. I know a coworker who loves the pancakes and has them several times per week. Someone else might want to load up on the pizza or a certain dessert or snack that they particularly like. In these situations, the customized menu would make sense. Basically, you tell them which package you want, choose the customized menu, and you'll be taken through a series of meal, snack, and dessert choices.

For example, if you're going to a monthly package, you'll be asked to choose 35 breakfasts, 35 lunches, 35 dinners and 35 desserts and snacks. There's no extra charge for this and it can be a great way to hand pick the items that you're most likely to enjoy.

Deciding Between Nutrisystem Select Or Staying With The Basic Program: Another question that often comes up in regards to choosing Nutrisystem meals is if it's worth it to pay extra for the frozen "select" line of foods. You will hear conflicting opinions on this. The frozen meals costs around $2.90 extra per day. But, your selections widen to include frozen meals like french toast, subs and wraps, new dinner entrees, and frozen desserts like ice cream bars and sundaes.

Some people think this is worth it and others find that they're happy with the basic plan. You can always order some of the select foods individually just to try them so that you'd have more information on the enhanced choices and taste. Both the select and the basic packages allow you to use some of the best and most generous coupons. But, this is true of all of the larger packages, as long as you use a current code or link. (You can see current codes and links on my nutrisystem review website at http://celebrity-diet-review.com/.)

Finally, you'll have to choose foods for your sides. You're asked to add in a fresh side with each meal. But, the company does offer suggested sides for each meal so this is really pretty easy to accomplish.

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